Blogtember Challenge-Pt. 7

Hi Lovelies! Welcome back to my little slice of internet Heaven. My happy place on the web. I'm really enjoying this blogtember challenge with Bailey @braveloveblog. We're 7 days in and i'm wondering what i'm going to do next month without a challenge.

Today's prompt is: Tell us about your blog name. Where did it come from?

I'm a Georgia girl and everyone knows that peaches come from Georgia! I take pride in being from here. It's where generations of my family are from. It is and always will be home to me. There are parts of this town we live in named after my family and while it's a bigger town than it was when I was growing up it's still MY town. There's something about that heritage that is in my soul and makes me proud to be from here. I am a Georgia Peach!

It's also a throw back to one of my favorite movies ever, Grease! Remember Rizzo saying "Peachy Keen, jellybean"? Grease is one of those movies I always watch when I see it on & yes, i've seen it about a billion times now. It just never gets old. In my younger years, Sandy was my favorite character but in my adult life i've switched to #teamrizzo. She's definitely not innocent and she doesn't make excuses for who she is.

Southern State of Mind comes from the Darius Rucker song.
♫I could be anywhere
In my heart I'm always there
Where they drink sweet tea
And they raise you to be polite
No changin' who I am
That's the way I've always been
No matter what state I'm in
I'm in a southern state of mind♫

That pretty much sums me up because no matter where I am, i'm in a southern state of mind.

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What's your blog name? I'd love to check it out!
What does your blog's name mean?

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  1. Oh My! I love love love the name of your Blog and might even be blog crushin! It helps your reason is the BEST. Grease, Man. That's where it's at! ..Also about to go snoop ya, since Mug Swapping sounds pretty much amazing ;)

    My blog name is xo, Lorey - wanna guess why? Lol! <3

    1. Awww, you're so sweet!!! Thanks for the awesome comment. You sure know how to make a girl feel good! Don't ya just love Grease?! And, yes, please pour a glass of tea and stay as long as you'd please!


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