Best Day of my Life.

Hey Peachies! So you may have noticed my lack of presence here yesterday. If you missed me, I'm sorry. I just wasn't feeling it. And by it I mean anything. I realized on the way home from taking my son to school just how close our wedding is (7 days now!!) and while i'm excited, I simply got overwhelmed and did nothing. Totally rational, right?

Yesterday's blog challenge with Bailey @braveloveblog was to make a vlog so you didn't miss much there. That would have been just plain awkward! One day i'll work my way up to that point but yesterday wasn't it but today's challenge is one I can get with.

Day 19: Tell us about one of the best days of your life.

There are several that come to mind. The first & most obvious being the day my son was born. He was a tiny little guy who stole my heart from the start and changed my life, for the better, forever. He's twelve now and Mom talking about him and showing him off on line isn't really a "Cool" thing now so we'll let that slide but that was my #1 best moment in life.

The next best moment in my life is the night my (now) fiancee and I went out on our first date.

Here's my version of the story from our wedding wire website.

Saturday, December 15th came and I was a nervous wreck. Even though I was going on a "date" with my best friend something was different. I had butterflies like i'd never had before, epsecially not with him. Don't get me wrong, I always looked forward to and was excited when I got to see him. Anytime with my best friend was awesome but this time it was just different. He picked me up around 6 in his big black truck, came inside and said Hi to my momma and Dylan then we were off on our "date". I remember what he wore, the way he smelled, even the song playing on the radio. It was one of those moments you don't forget. Our conversation in the truck was about the same as it is today when it comes to where to go, I believe that's because we're both just happy to be together, it doesn't matter where we go or what we do, we have fun. As I recall the conversation went something like this...

ALEX-Where do you want to eat?

ME-I don't know.

ALEX-What are you in the mood for?

ME-I'll find something to eat no matter where we go.

Somehow we ended up at O'Charley's. I remember sitting across from him in the booth in awe of him and the way his smile seemed to light up the room. The first time i'd seen a smile since he called me and told me the bad news. We talked a lot, he told me how he was thinking of moving away and starting over, that's when all the butterflies stopped and my heart started beating a million miles a minute, he says he could see the look of panic on my face. He read me well, he always does. I may have teared up a little, too. I couldn't imagine life without my best friend close by and now nothing was standing in the way or us spending as much time together as we want. I still was trying to convince myself that we weren't on a "date", we were just friends going out for the night. I didn't have any expectations, or so I was telling myself but my heart knew better than my head, still I was listening to my head.

After dinner he asked if I minded if we stopped by his house. His neighbor had been burning leaves and had a tendency to let the fire get out of control. That was his excuse anyway, suspicious as I was I agreed to go along with him. After all, what if it was true and what if the house did catch fire and burned to the ground? I'd feel terrible if I'd have said "no, you can't go check on your house" besides, I was curious about his house, i'd never been there. We pulled up the house and there was no fire going so we were in the clear there. He asked if I'd like to go inside and watch a movie or if I needed to get back home. I was a single momma who had a babysitter for the night and was enjoying time with my best friend so I chose the obvious. A movie it was! We went inside, I got the grand tour of the house (which I automatically felt at home in), sat down on the couch and Alex started up Netflix. As we were scrolling he asked me what I wanted to watch, I picked Machine Gun Preacher. I know, not an obvious date movie choice but this wasn't a romantic date, at least not as far as I was concerned besides I had heard great things about the movie and was curious & no, having Gerard Butler in it didn't hurt at all either.

I laid my head in his lap as we were watching the movie and he was playing with my hair (not something anyone else can do). I kept catching him looking down at me, smiling, then he took my hand and started holding it. It was at that point when I started wondering if this was more than a friendly kind of date. What if it was? What if it wasn't? Was he going to kiss me? What was he thinking? What was he feeling? The movie was great, it definitely hit home. When it was over we sat on the couch and talked about it for a while then we realized the time and decided to head back to my house. When we got back to the house I was prepared to hop out and walk myself to the door while he drove away but being the gentleman he is, he wasn't going to have that. He walked me to the door and hugged me goodbye then pulled away and stared into my eyes. That was it, my heart was done and my head was spinning. Game over, heart won! He leaned in a kissed me, I could feel his hesitancy but I kissed him back because that's what I had waited for all night. For 3 years, really. Since that night we have been insperable.

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  1. Awww this is such an adorable story! I absolutely loved it.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I love our love story. This truly was one of the best days of my life but since this post, it's changed. We got married and that was the best day of my life!

    2. Awesome! Nothing wrong with your day changing :D


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