Mug Swap 2015

Hi y'all! Welcome back to my sweet little slice of internet Heaven. I hope y'all are all doing fabulous!

Have you ever participated in a swap of any kind? It's where someone organizes a group into pairs and you swap fabulous gifts via snail mail? It's seriously the best thing ever. Instead of getting nothing but bills and junk mail you receive a wonderful gift in the mail. I had the privilege of participating in a mug swap with my sweet friend, Terri Lynne and what a blessing it turned out to be! Not only did I get some amazing goodies, I got to bless someone else with some pretty stuff, too and for my partner-it came a time when she needed it the most!

Our mission was simple:
Happy Mail packages (that must include a mug) should be post marked no later than 9/30/2015.
Happy shopping.

We are given their FB page and Instagram info so we can snoop and find out what they like but we're not supposed to send them messages asking questions because it's a secret until they get their packages.

Here's what I received:

I must say, my partner did a fantastic job. I love owls and she must have figured that out. I also love all things cinnamon! And that Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin from B&BW is amazing! My box was fabulous and I made a new friend, too (actually two including my swap partner!)

Here's what I sent:

I've been waiting so long to share this pic, so it seems, anyway because I wanted to make sure my sweet lady had gotten her package first.
Who doesn't love gold? That mug was too cute to pass up so it became the center point of my gift package. I want everything to match and look cute together. My sweet lady told me today she got hers yesterday and that it couldn't have come at a better time.

All these gifts are beyond amazing but the best part is being blessed and blessing someone else and the new friendships that are formed through this.

Have you ever doe a swap? What did you receive? What did you give?

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  1. <3 I adore this idea!! How much fun! I am def going to be setting one of these bad boys up!!! :D I am actually apart of the Christmas Ornament Swap this year! You can find out more info at :D

    1. Thank You so much! It was so much fun and such a blessing! I'll definitely look at the link you posted. I'm thinking of setting another swap up among my friends because so many of them want to participate in something like this now that they've seen mine.

  2. So glad you enjoyed doing this. Joan's mug partner never mailed a package last year so she was left empty handed. I know for a fact that she greatly appreciated your thoughtfulness and generosity. Plus she needed a good pick me up and your package reached her at a time she needed it most. Thank you for that.
    Hope you'll participate again next year.
    You're a mug swapping queen.

    1. I enjoyed this more than you'll ever know! Thank you for including me! I'm so sorry Joan never got hers last year but I hope this more than made up for that. It's such a shame that people say they'll participate and then don't. I'm glad it came to her at a time when she needed it most. She actually e-mailed me and told me what was going on. Bless her. It's the best blessing someone else. And yes ma'am, i'm in for next year. In fact, i'm thinking of organizing another of these on my own because so many of my friends have seen my posts about this and want to do it, too!


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