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Hi Ladies! I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday. Ugh! I know, all the grumbles right now but with enough coffee and glitter we'll all make it through. We woke up this morning to 45 degree weather here in Georgia. It's making me super lazy but that's okay. I can blog!

Today i'm straying from The Blogtember Challenge with Bailey @Bailey @braveloveblog because the topic is: The 5 books that have impacted you the most.

I'm not sure where to start on this one. The Bible is obviously #1 but other than that, Ive been reading Chelsea Handler & The Robertson's
(Duck Dynasty) books in the last few years. While they're all great, they're not profound. I'm loking for suggestions on this topic though.
I need some good reads!

Today i'm going to feature my Aunt's Etsy shop, Mobesession She's Crafty

She makes and sells such unique and pretty pieces of jewelry & she'll do requests, too. So hop on over to her Etsy shop, favorite it and shop away!

Here's a glimpse of the pieces she makes/sells.

1. Blushed Bracelet $18 USD

2. A Little "Tail"ssel Necklace $18 USD

3. Vintage Style Flower Earrings $15 USD

4. Lots Of Glass Bracelet $20 USD

5. Pink Stone Necklace $18 USD

6. Feeling Blue Earrings $12 USD

She seriously has some of the prettiest pieces. So go show her some love!

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  1. I'll have to add her shop to my favorites. She's got some super cute stuff and great prices too! Thanks for sharing :D

    1. You're welcome. Thank You for checking her out. She's seriously the best!

  2. Thank you Leslie!!! And thank you Jeanetta! I appreciate all the favorites:)

  3. Lovely jewelry! Looks like your aunt has a great Etsy shop.

    1. Thanks. I am adding more all the time. It's just time consuming for me:)

  4. Im always sketched out by jewelry on Etsy bc I have such sensitive skin. But I will buy certain things for my home on etsy :)

    1. I understand the sensitive skin issue. Boo! It sucks but if you're looking for hypo allergenic pieces you can e-mail her. She'll work with you if you want something.

    2. Skin issues can make life difficult! I'm sorry you have that. If there is anything I can do special for you let me know:)

  5. Those are some pretty gorgeous items! Thanks for sharing them.


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