Christmas Shop Small {Senegence}

Hi Peachies! Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Eve. Yep! Thanksgiving is two days away and this girl is in the kitchen cooking up all the delicious Thanksgiving dishes right now; sweet potato souffle, sauteed green beans, collards, corn casserole and pecan pie. While i'm in the kitchen cooking, I thought I would share with you another Christmas Shop Small Feature. Today we have my sweet Senegence distributor and friend, Lindsey to share some of her favorite Senegence products with you because staying beautiful during the rush of the holidays is on top of every girl's to do list. So let's get cozy with our first guest (she even gives you a discount code somewhere in this post so be on the look out for that.)

Are you cozy now? Let's welcome Lindsey.

Hi Lindsey. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am originally from Maine! (Don't hear that a lot😂) I've lived in North Carolina for 15 years and I'm a wife and mother of a really amazing 4 year old boy! I am a girly girl at heart but I LOVE being a boy mom! By day, I work for Wells Fargo as an equity trader. I like my makeup gig more! 😁

What inspired you to become a part of the Senegence community and become fabulous sales lady for the company?
I originally joined senegence for the discount! 50% off makeup that I LOVE?!?! Um yes please! I was previously a sephora addict.... #makeupsnob. I'm not a sales person. At all! But I love sharing what I love. When I realized how much interest I had with Lipsense and other Senegence products I decided to run with it! Three months later I earned my Senecar. Almost a year later I have 126 amazing girls on my team! It's been a life changing experience. I get to interact with smart, beautiful, funny girls all day. It's the best!

What does the Senegence company stand for and what does it mean to you?
Senegence stands for women. This company has helped so many woman gain confidence, independence, freedom, life. It's amazing to be a part of, I know I was meant to be on this path.

What makes you most excited about selling Senegence?
Every single person that goes from wearing a neutral lip to a bright bold lip makes me do a little dance! It takes confidence to wear a bold lip, and every woman deserves to encompass that confidence! Confidence is beautiful!

If you could only use product from Senegence for the rest of your life, which product would it be?
Why? O.M.G! 😳😳 How would I even choose?!?!?! I love it ALLLLL!!! I would have to choose Lipsense. Oh gosh... and Shadowsense?!?! Ok ok. Lipsense.

What is your best selling item?
Lipsense and Shadowsense!

What is your favorite thing about the Lipsense, as a whole?
I can kiss kiss kiss my baby boy and it doesn't come off!! Lip color has become my favorite accessory! I lay in bed and think about my outfit... and what lip color!

How can all our readers see all the Lipsense products?
Join my Facebook group at Lindsey Lee's Lasting Lipstick

Are there any special Lipsense promotions currently?
Mention this add and I'll give you 15% off any product you'd like to try. Full money back guarantee. Sign up as a distributor ($55) and get 50% off! No monthly quotas!

Do you host parties? If so can you tell our readers about how those work?
I do LOTS of Facebook parties. Zero work for you! Send me a pm and we can get it set up! (Earn free product)
I do host in home parties as well if you're local (charlotte)

Lastly, how can my readers get in touch with you about ordering or booking a party?
Look me up on facebook - Lindsey Lee Tryon. Or on Instagram ltryon41.

Friends, let me just tell you that I am in love with my Lipsense. I just had a Facebook party with Lindsey and have two more lipsticks on the way and I can not wait to get them. I can't say enough good things about them. They literally last for 18 hours without drying out your lips or smudging and with the holidays upon us, we all want to look pretty and be able to enjoy food and drinks without worrying if our lipstick is smudged or faded when Grandma decides to take an impromptu picture. We also want want flawless makeup and lipstick with staying power and lipstick that won't come off on your wine glass or your New Year's Eve date; that's why I highly recommend Lipsense. It's super moisturizing and it's cruelty free. Lipsense is an amazing lipstick because it is kiss proof, smudge proof, water proof and long lasting. I think you'll really fall in love so hop on over to Lindsey's Facebook group and get your shopping on.

P.S.-She's also hosting a Black Friday sale AND if 10 or more people join her LIVE then she's going to raffle off some really amazing prizes.

Happy Shopping!!


  1. Although I don't wear make up often, it is always good to know what is available. This sounds like a great brand, I especially like companies that are cruelty free.

    1. Hi Beth. Thank you so much for your comment. This brand is definitely one of my favorite make up brands. I love that they are cruelty free, too!


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