Monday Morning Coffee Talk

Hi Sweet Friends! Happy Monday. I know Mondays are hard but wouldn't they be so much more enjoyable if they started out with a coffee date with a girlfriend? I thought so so let's get cozy with our favorite mugs full of coffee and chat.

If you and I were on a coffee date we'd be cozy at my favorite donut shop. I'd order a red velvet donut and an Irish Cream Espresso.
I would tell you...

How much I enjoyed the weekend. Saturday my son had an interview at one of the local high schools for their IB gifted program. While he was there my husband & I grabbed breakfast then drove around town then we enjoyed some time at our sweet friend/hairdressers shop.
After that we went home and enjoyed a wonderful day in our office. I cleaned up my desk and made some things with my cricut. Sunday was spent at my brother and sister in laws house, celebrating my mom's birthday and getting lots of love from my nephew.

I am glad the election is over but I fear for our country's future. Not because of who the president is but because of how divided the nation is. It truly hurts my heart to see friends feuding with each other over their beliefs. We can all choose to believe what we want and we should be respectful of our fellow man for their choices, too.

I believe we should all through kindness around like confetti. I also believe that life would be so much better if pinatas were strategically placed around and when we come across one we could take a whack at it. When it busted open it would be full of things like make up and coffee shop gift cards. Like, hey, you had a bad day, here's a new mascara and go buy yourself a coffee.

I started this year out strong. I was on top of the world and my blogging game but I quickly remembered my word of the year; prioritize; and realized that, while I love my blog, I need to focus on my family and friends, too so I decided not to post on Thursdays and I truly enjoyed it. I even attempted to take a nap. The dog had other plans but I still loved it! I'm trying to find my magical unicorn of balance.

I'm probably going to have to turn in my southern card for this one but i'll admit, i'm not much of a football fan but I did watch last night's game at my brother and sister in law's. It was an awesome game and i'm happy for the Falcons.

Next weekend my son turns 14!!!! FOURTEEN! And my husband & I agreed to let him invite a few friends over to spend the night. I might be crazy. If not now I will be by next Sunday.

I won a book called Womanskills from a blog I read sometimes. I'm pretty excited because the book sounds like it's full of amazing info but also because I WON!

I have enjoyed ignoring all my chores and social media this weekend but now it's time to be an adult and do adult things, like laundry and renewing my tag. Have a Happy Monday.

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