Oh Hey, Friday!

Hi Sweet Friends. TGIF. Amiright? This week has been such a strange but enjoyable week. Monday we had a 2 hour delay to the start of school because of ice on the ground. Tuesday my son was sick and stayed home all day and last night my husband worked an overnight (something he rarely does) so all that has me so ready for this three day weekend but the plus side is that I've really been able to take the time to really dedicate to my blog this week and it's really paid off.

Fridays also mean it's time to bring back Oh Hey, Friday with the always sweet and adorable Karli from September Farm. I'm going to incorporate something fun into these Friday posts. There is no real rhyme or reason to these posts but I am going to incorporate a fun fact about me + good week/bad week. I got the inspiration from the Lady Gang podcast; they always open their podcast with these fun little segments and I just find them so real and hilarious and honest.

So here goes, ladies...

1. Fun Fact

I was a beauty pageant baby. When I was under a year old my parent's entered me into a pageant at the local park and I won. I still have the trophy in the closet of my old bedroom at my parent's house. I thank my mama for letting that be my one and only pageant.

2. Good Week/Bad Week

Good Week-I cleaned my bathroom out and threw away an entire bag of old make up and beauty products. There's nothing more I love than throwing things away. Okay. Except espresso, cupcakes, happy mail, kitty snuggles, and hubby time.

Bad Week-{{Girl Talk}} Speaking of hubby time; Aunt Flo came, I got sick and my hubby had to work an overnight this week. I'm needing some hubby time.

3. Happy Mail is always a good thing. I got two boxes this week loaded with goodies that I treated myself to.

4. Studio DIY's Free Printable Wall Calendar

Have y'all seen this adorable, fun calendar yet? It's loaded with cuteness and super fun days worthy of celebrating all year! I want this hanging on my wall, like yesterday! Oh! And those fun dates?? You can bet they'll be marked in my Happy Planner.

5. Blog Posts upon Blog Posts upon Blog Posts

I've been my own boss from home this week and slaying my blog goals.
Come read my posts and leave some love.

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Happy Friday loves! What's your good week/bad week? Or a fun fact about yourself?

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