Oh Hey, Friday!

Hi Sweet Friends! Happy Friday! It's finally the weekend, y'all. I hope you have wonderful plans for the next couple days. Our son is turning 14 tomorrow. FOURTEEN!!! And we have a couple celebrations planned. While I drown my feelings of having a fourteen year old away in my coffee mug this morning I thought i'd share my Oh Hey, Friday with the sweetest Karli from September Farm.

Oh Hey, Friday!

1. Fun Fact

I talk in my sleep and apparently sometimes it's hilarious. The other night I asked my hubby where the purple panties were and if our son had his pancakes on his head?!? I couldn't make this stuff up, ya'll.

2. Good Week/Bad Week

Good Week- I've been doing the Welcome Home Wednesday link up for three weeks now and it's been fun but stressful because I was having to learn coding. At one point I considered quitting but I wasn't raised a quitter so I kept at it. This week I coded the post with little help and I did it in an hour instead of three!

Bad Week- I've felt off this week and I don't know why. I've been so grouchy and tired and the return of the cold, miserable weather doesn't help either. I tried yesterday to ignore the cold and enjoy some time outside. I really tried and it was nice until I couldn't feel my hands 10 minutes later.

3. Happy Mail

I got more Happy Mail this week from Ashlen from Catherine Mason this week and I am seriously swooning over everything! Be sure to check out Urban Oreganics too. Their raw cacao face mask is to die for. It smells like chocolate and leaves your skin so smooth.

4. Italian Beef Sandwiches

These are a favorite of mine and my hubby's. It's a recipe my Aunt shared with us so I don't know if it's on Pinterest but i've made a pin-able recipe for you.

5. Blog Posts & Coffee Talk
Monday Morning Coffee Talk//The Happy List-Kayla//January//Guys Behind the Blog//Welcome Home Wednesday Link Party #76

Happy Friday Loves. I hope you all have an amazing day and an incredible weekend.

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