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Hi Sweet Friends! Welcome to The Happy List feature. If you missed my first feature you can check that out here for a list of all the things that are making me happy and details on how to be featured.

Today i'm so excited to show off my new friend Betsy from Happily Ever After etc. So let's get cozy with out favorite mugs full of your favorite drink (whatcha having, anyway?) and get ready for some girly amazingness with Betsy.

Hey Y'all. It's so nice to be here! I'm Betsy home decor enthusiast, yorkie mama, crafter, blogger, picky eater, happy planner, newlywed, chief mess maker, antique hoarder, graphic designer and I blog over at Happily Ever After, Etc!

You can generally find me working on (attacking with a paintbrush) the 3 bed, 2 bath home we are currently renting. Our home might not be perfect but it is ours & if you hang out long enough you'll see that what we lack in know-how we make up for in passion!

I'm so excited that Leslie invited me to be part of her Happy List series... mainly because I've been soooo happy lately! I am having a blast in my life and can't wait to share a few of my favorite things with all of you.

1 Our Anniversary Photos

This past year we finalllly had our anniversary photos taken! The hubs and I are still newlyweds and for our second anniversary we broke out the wedding duds to take photos. It was so much fun getting dressed up in my wedding dress for a second time, instead of staying locked away in a box we were able to really enjoy it.

Plus there were very few moments the hubs and I actually spent together on our wedding day so it was fun to spend a few hours with just him reliving the memories. Our anniversary was actually last May but I'm still loving the photos... I don't think I'll stop anytime soon!

2 Inside the Paint Can

Y'all I wrote an eBook! I still can't really believe it so you'll have to excuse the excitement! Writing an eBook has been at the top of my to-do list for several years and in 2016 I actually accomplished my goal. Hitting that milestone makes me want to achieve even more goals... so I'm planning 3 product launches for 2017! Wish me luck!

Of course, I think I'll always be fondest of my first little eBook... it's like my first child. It's all about painting and will help you pick your paint colors, pick the right paint tool for any job and basically walk you through painting your entire home.


3 Calligraphy

Okay so maybe it's more playing with markers than calligraphy but I'm having a blast learning all the in's and outs of hand lettering! I would love to buy a few actual calligraphy pens and give this thing a go for real but one crazy hobby at a time.

4 Happy Planner by Create 365

Which leads me to my current crazy hobby... my Happy Planner. I am firmly entrenched in my rose gold obsession and my 2017 planner is no exception. I am loooving planning each and every week with all the pretty stickers and accessories.

Especially the rose gold stickers! I actually bought a rose gold paper pack to make fun accessories for my planner (like the pretty dashboard in the photo up above) and I absolutely love it. I think I'm actually doing a blog post next Monday on how to make that exact dashboard! Of course, you'll have to become an obsessive planner girl like me (and Leslie!) first.

Join us on the dark side won't you, we have cookies!

5 My Rose Gold Accessories

I have a brand new rose gold iPhone... and after two years with my last phone, it was time for an upgrade. The new iPhone was definitely an opening flood gate... now I have a brand new laptop case (in rose gold), pencil case, Happy Planner... basically everything I can possibly get.

It's amazing.

6 Twinkie Tush

Okay so this one's a little weird but cloth diapers are my secret obsession and Twinkie Tush is literally the best thing ever. The weird part is that I don't have kids yet... but we're definitely getting close and in the meantime, the fluffy clouds that are Twinkie Tush keep me happy and sedated.

Of course, there's the slight problem that I may be addicted and there's only so many cloth diapers a girl truly needs... but I'm actively working to replace my cloth diaper addiction with a Happy Planner addiction.

So you know, I've got it handled.

7 My Blog

I think it goes without saying that my absolute favorite thing is my blog. I absolutely love doing projects, working on posts and seeing it grow. Every time I sit down and think "but I'm not the biggest blogger, I'll never get to where some of those girls are" I remember where I've been.

I've come so far since this time last year! My blogiversary is in September and I'm meeting my yearly goal this month (in January) which is months ahead of where I thought I'd be. Not to mention I've met the absolute best people. I have true friends that I've only ever met online... although I'm hoping to meet my blog bestie at two conferences this year!

Blogging is soooo much work but it's the most rewarding thing I've ever done, I can't wait to see where it takes me in the next year.

The End!

I have had an absolute blast thinking about all the things I'm loving at the moment, it reminds me of all the things I have to be grateful for. Which was sorely needed today after spending the last twenty-four hours picking up my husband in Florida after our car broke down... it's been a long day y'all.

I was feeling very down in the dumps but Leslie helped remind me of all the things on my Happy List and I am very grateful for her tonight. Thanks for having me y'all!

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