Monday Morning Coffee Talk

Hi Sweet Friends. Happy Monday. There's something calming about slow starts to Monday mornings. I'm in heaven right now because we're on a two hour delay this morning because of the ice storm that we got over the weekend. It's almost gone now, just some black ice in places but the school system is playing it safe and i'm okay with that. In fact, i'm totally happy about it. I'm curled up in my favorite blanket, sipping my coffee, enjoying the silence before the chaos of the day starts. I think every Monday should start like this.

While i'm cozy this morning I thought i'd share some coffee talk. If you and I were on a coffee date, we'd be snuggled up on opposite ends of my couch with my Willow between us. I'd be drinking my winter morning blend coffee with Coldstone Sweet Cream creamer in one of my many cute mugs. I'd offer you a cup of whatever kind of coffee you'd like because we believe in options in this house. I'd give you one of my favorite blankets to wrap up in while we chat, too.

I'd tell you that my heart has been so full since the start of the new year. I really want to focus on all the things that inspire me and make me excited about life. I want to really work on cultivating friendships, especially with my girlfriends. We all get so busy with the many roles we take on in life and often times we forget girlfriends are the backbone of life.

I would tell you that I have a love/hate relationship with winter. If it's going to snow then I love it, if it's just going to be bone chilling cold without snow then I'm not so fond of it but if it it snows and I have to drive in it, i'm really not a fan. The snowpocalypse of 2014 was enough for me. My husband, who was my fiancee at the time, was stuck on I-285 for 21 hours and my son and It took 6 hours to get from my son's school to my parent's house and they only live 5 minutes away. My car got stuck on the side of the road, luckily my dad was able to save the day and get my car and my son back to his house but my mom and I ended up stuck in my dad's truck for most of those 6 hours.

I would tell you that this blog is my happy place and each of you who takes the time to read it and visit makes my heart smile. I have big plans for Peaches & Willow this year so I hope you stay tuned to see what this little happy place of mine becomes.

I would share that I have been in love with my Instagram feed lately. I'm not trying to make my feed cohesive because I feel like that's not truly who I am. I'm a wild at heart, fly by the seat of my pants, girly girl who loves coffee, my dog, make up and my family and I want my feed to reflect that but lately i've been loving on the color pink hard and everything just flows. If you want to check out my Insta feed if you'd like. I love comments and followers.

I joined a Happy Planners group on Facebook. I'm addicted. I love my planner and I love this group. I'm learning so much about organizing and decorating my planner. Who knew getting your life together could be this much fun?

I also started a Birthday Cheer group for my friends. I've paired everyone up with a partner to send each other boxes full of cheer and happiness on their birthdays. I'm obsessed with making people happy and blessing others. This just seemed like the perfect way to keep the cheer and blessings going all year long.

Yesterday I pitched to 29 brands for blogging collaborations. I'm pretty excited about that. I'm sure I won't get most of them but that's okay because I stepped out and did something i've been so scared to do since I started blogging. I've had a few companies reach out to me but I realized that I had to get out and make things happen so I did. I'm not good with hearing no but this is part of life, right? So I'm learning to conquer my fears and hope that something good comes out of it.

On Wednesday i'm starting something totally new to me on the blog. I'm anxious and excited but I know once I do it, it'll be so fun. Please come back on Wednesday to find out what that is.

I started a new series on my blog called The Happy List. I want to help other sweet, inspirational women shine so I've reached out and found some lovely ladies who are excited to share their Happy Lists with us.
**If you are interested in being featured, i'd love for you to share six things that are making you happy now. Write a little paragraph about why it makes you happy and attach a picture (iphone pics are fine as long as it is clear) then e-mail the post back to me at I'd also like a picture of you to share along with a little About Me write up, too. There's no wrong way to do this so just share whatever is making you happy.**

I would tell you that I love this time of year. All the pink and hearts and love everywhere. The pastel colors that fill the shelves at stores and all the pretty spring florals; just makes my heart melt. I'm a sucker for all things girly.

I would also tell you that i'm currently loving the NYX Le Frou Frou mascara. If you've never tried it you should run out and buy yourself some today because it is that good, y'all and for $6.99 a tube, it's un-beatable. I mean i'm still all about my Better Than Sex and Younique 3D Lashes but this is a contender for a cheaper mascara.

Thank you for joining me in some coffee talk this morning. It feels theraputic to spend a Monday morning all cozy, chatting with my sweet, lovely friends. I wish you all a day filled with so much love and happiness.

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