Hello sweet friends. Welcome back to my blog sweet blog. Today's post is one i'm super excited about because I had the chance to talk with my affiliates over at I absolutely love this company because they stand behind an important cause and all their products are made from natural and recycled materials.

If you know anything about me at all then you know I love supporting small businesses and I love supporting good causes so get cozy with us and read my Q&A session with Mieroglyphs.

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. I'm so excited to get this post started so we're going to jump right in.

Can you tell us about Mieroglyphs? When were you established?
Mieroglyphs was established in Winter Park, FL about 5 years ago. It began as a hobby/side business for Tyson Auer. He was a retiring professional baseball player that loved inspirational quotes to keep him motivated through his athletics. He was injured while playing and while he was rehabbing his injury he had a lot of down time and started thinking of a way that he could carry his favorite quotes with him all day to keep him inspired. After a few prototypes of various accessories, he came up with the Miero bracelet that is featured on our website currently. A band with cork-leather on the inside and magnetic clasp closure. Every band could be engraved on the cork with a custom or stock inscription.

Are your products made by hand or in a factory?
Our products are hand-sewn in Winter Park, FL.

What kind of materials are your products made of?
Our products all feature cork-leather. A material that is beautiful, sustainable, and natural. It is a natural shedding from Oak trees that actually happens organically and extends the life of the Oak tree. This is used on the inside of every Miero bracelet and for the kay chains. We also use organic cotton fabrics for the outside of the standard bracelets. Then there is the specialty collection of bracelets that uses 100% recycled bottle material for our custom prints. These patterns are designed by hand and then printed onto the recycled bottle fabric right in-house.

Do you do custom orders?

Every single one of our products can be customized with their own unique inscriptions. We also create custom fabric designs for some of our clients that are purchasing wholesale for boutiques, corporate gifts, etc.

What is your company's motto and what does it mean to you?

The company motto is "goods for the good of this world." We created this because our philosophy is that the products we create should not only be made as ethically and socially responsible as possible, but also serve to inspire people and spread positivity.

What is your best selling item?
Our top selling accessories are the Naked bracelets in gold, silver, and black (clasps).

What is your favorite thing about Mieroglyphs, as a whole?
The best part about Mieroglyphs is the creativity we get to have every single day dreaming up new products and ways to reach people and then getting to see or hear from our customers about the positive effect and impact our products have on their lives. It's also pretty cool to get to provide jobs to people. We work very hard to provide fair-wage jobs here in America. It's really nice to be able to do that for people and watch the positive impact that work has on their lives and their family's lives. It's a small impact now that we hope to be able to keep growing as our business continues to grow.

Are there any special promos or offers going on right now?
There's always great deals going on! The best way to stay tuned in to these is by subscribing to our mailing list. That is where we communicate with our customers about new products, features, and special offers. We also have amazing Affiliates that can be found on social media that offer discounts on our products. They are really cool to check out because every one has a different style, or purpose to the reason they are out there as their own personal brand on social media and different reasons for linking up with Mieroglyphs. They get creative with our products, have inspiring images, and tons of other information and resources to share with people.

How long does it take to get the product once the order is placed?
Since every item is made to order and hand-crafted, they can take between 7-10 business days (M-F) to ship out. We do our best to get items out earlier than that but we always tell customers to be prepared for this. One of the reasons we make the products to order is to not waste any materials. Since customers are ordering different sizes, and can vary the quotes inside, we avoid having to waste materials by making the product to order. We keep certain things prepared and ready to go of course, but as a small business doing our best to have a quality impact on the planet and the people that work for us, we use this method of "made-to-order" to keep the business functioning and our impact a sustainble one.

Y'all, I truly can not say enough amazing things about this company. I have one of their best selling Naked bracelets in gold with the quote "from discord find harmony" written on the inside of the band. This quote really gives me all the feels. I'm the kind of person who thrives best in harmony but this quote really reminds me to stay focused and keep striving for all the things my heart desires, even though the chaos. I love the magnetic closure, too because I can put it on and wear this bracelet without my husband's help. These bracelets are made beautifully with the most inspiring quotes inside.

Be sure to check out Mieroglyhps button on the sidebar of my blog because there's a special code for ordering.

Big thank you to Mieroglyhps for spending some time with us today and sharing about their beautifully inspiring jewelry.

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