Happy New Year.

I love beginnings. Everything is so fresh and new. Opportunities and chances are just awaiting. Everything seems so exciting. The Christmas tree and all the decorations are down and life is getting back to normal. The holidays were fun but I wasn't sad to see them go this year. I was more ready to bring on a New Year than anything.

Since making my blog public a year ago and really following my heart I find myself so excited for what's next. Sometimes I find it hard to go to sleep at night because I want to work on Peaches & Willow a little more. Finding my passion has really made me inspired in every aspect of my life but sometimes I get so caught up that I forget what's really important that's why my word of the year for 2017 is prioritize.

I went back and forth on a few different words but I chose prioritize because sometimes I loose focus on what means the most. That means more lunch dates with friends, more snuggling up watching tv with my husband, more mani/pedis, more craft time, more time with my parents, more family game nights and less worrying about if the laundry is caught up and if my house is a mess.

A sweet friend of mine came by yesterday in the midst of us tearing the Christmas decor down, as we sat on the couch talking she said something to me that struck my heart. She said "we may live in clutter but we don't live in filth", talking about her own house but at that very moment I had an ah-ha moment and thought; what I see as a horrible mess she doesn't. She's told me more than once how cozy our house is, that warms my soul. Right now there's a shop vac in my living room and my hubby's corn hole games learned against the back of the couch. Normally those things would send me into a frenzy because they aren't in their places and to me, my house looks like a mess but my life can and will go on the same wether those things were there or not. They aren't priorities, they don't affect my family's health, happiness or well being so in 2017 I will focus on prioritizing things that are important like people and opportunities and learn to let go of the rest.

I will also continue to focus on last year's word; perfection.

What is your word of the year?

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