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Leslie, thank you for letting me take over your beautiful space today. I am excited to share a bit of what is making me happy right now. But, before we get to that list I should probably introduce myself. Hi y'all! My name is Crystal and I blog over at Hall Around Texas. I started blogging a little over 7 years ago when I was pregnant with my son Mason. It became my pregnancy journal of sorts and has now evolved to a mom/lifestyle blog. However, I share a little bit of everything. My passions are Jesus, my boys, traveling, camping, adventures, photography, crafting, and reading. Stop by and say hi sometime. I'd love to meet you!

Now, for a few things that are making me happy right now.

1.) My Happy Life planner by Create 365. This is my 2nd year in a row to use the planner and I love it. This planner is around $30 dollars, but if you buy it at Hobby Lobby you can use a 45% off coupon and it comes out to about $18. It's well worth it! I also love all of the sticker and embellishment options they offer. I chose the Hello Life color because I loved the mint and gold together. Our Hobby Lobby had 4 or 5 different ones to choose from and even sold packages of different covers.

2.) Black and White Create 365 Happy Planner pens and highlighter crayon from the Target dollar spot. I use both the pens and the highlighter crayon in both my Happy Planner and in my bible. I love the fine tip on the pens. And the highlighter crayon goes on like butter and doesn't bleed through the pages. I went back and stocked up on these highlighter crayons! You can't beat $1 buck for them.

3.) To Do List also found in the Target dollar spot. For some reason I am unable to find the dollar spot items on Target's website. Leslie actually introduced me to this cute little note pad. I've used it almost every day since I got it. I actually bought three of these because they're not that thick of a note pad. Making lists and crossing items off just makes my heart so happy!

4.) NYX Double Stack mascara. I bought this at Target (see a pattern here??) for $14.99 and it was worth every penny. I've always wanted to try a fiber lash mascara, but couldn't pull the trigger at $30+ dollars. I was so happy to find this one. I have tiny baby lashes and this mascara does wonders for me. I even love the mascara without the fibers. My lashes tend to lump up when I put on mascara, but not with this one. It separates my lashes perfectly! I'm in love.

5.) My Quest Study Bible. I've had it a few years now and love it. It's my favorite bible to use for bible studies and at church too. I mark and take notes in this bible and there is plenty of room to do so. I added these colorful bible tabs a couple of years ago. I will say, just like with most bibles these pages are very thin. After using my bible daily the tabs wanted to tear off. I reinforced them with clear tape and it now it's perfect. I always get asked about this bible and where I got it.

6.) She Reads Truth. This is one of my favorite ways to study the bible. You can do so from their online site, but my favorite is through the app. That way I can do the study from anywhere and not tied down to my computer. I also love that they give a couple of phone lock screens with almost every new study. Right now we are in the book of John and it's good y'all! The book of John is packed with so much about Jesus and I have been loving it. The app itself is free, but they do charge for some of their studies. It's usually around $2.

7.) This turquoise Rtic cup. Y'all, I admit I was a Yeti snob until a few weeks ago. My dad got me this Rtic and now I am a convert. It works just as well as my Yeti does and keeps ice for over 12 hours. I see absolutely no differences between the two when it comes to keeping drinks cold or hot. A Yeti tumbler costs $39.99 for this size and then an arm and a leg to get it powder-coated a different color. You can get this Rtic in a pretty teal color for only $10.99 total. Ridiculous, right? If you haven't tried the Rtic I highly recommend it.

8.) My iPhone 7 plus. I finally upgraded from my regular iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7 plus. I remember when the 6 plus came out and I thought there was no way in the world I could carry a phone that big. But then the pretty little 7 plus rolled around with its fancy camera and I was sold. When I first got it I kept thinking this thing is huge, but now it's normal to me. I love the bigger screen, the bigger memory and of course the awesome camera. There is a portrait mode on the 7 plus that knocks my socks off! I'm trying to convince Nate to get one.

And that's it for today! My list of things that are making me happy right now (besides the obvious)! Hope you have an amazing day!!

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