The Happy List

Hey Sweet Friends! It's an icy cold day down here in Georgia. We're iced in and i'm okay with that. I've got my favorite blanket, my husband, my son and our Willow pup. In between napping i'm enjoying my Happy Planners group and blogging. These days are my favorites. I love snuggles and lazy days, they're just so good for the soul.

This year, my focus is to do the things that are good for my soul and to focus on the things that inspire me. I want to connect more intentionally with others and to spend more time cheering others on. Seeing others succeed inspires me so I came up with the idea of The Happy List.

I want to help other sweet, inspirational women shine so I reached out to some lovely ladies to share with me their list of Happy Things but first I want to share with you my Happy Things.

1. My Blog

I'm so in love with this happy little space of mine and the community i've found through it. I feel like it's the only place that's truly mine. I can share anything that's on my heart here and I have hopes that something I say touches someone. I love knowing that people love this space because it's truly a reflection of who I am. I can't wait to focus on it this year and continue growing it and connecting with lovely fellow bloggers. I have big plans for collaborations, link ups, and more amazing posts.

2. Dionis Goat Milk Hand Cream in Sea Treasures

My hubby gave me this in my stocking and boy, did he score big time. The scent is amazing; it's a light, sweet, clean scent and it's so creamy but not too thick. Isn't the packaging fun, too?

3. The Lady Gang Podcast

This podcast feels like hanging out with your girlfriends. It's full of fun, bubbly, bitchy, hilarious conversations and antics.
They open with a Good Week/Bad Week segment that is always hilarious. Anytime I need to check out or hang out with my girlfriends (when they're not available) I listen to this podcast and feel instantly better.

4. NYX Le Frou Frou volume + length mascara

I picked this up at either CVS or Target the other day because I was in need of a new mascara and didn't really feel like going to Ulta to get my Better Than Sex. I have to say that I love this $6.99 tube just as much as I love my holy grail BTS. It adds volume and length to my lashes without hardening them up and making them look clumpy. I'd recommend this mascara to any lady who loves her lashes as much as I do.

5. Happy Planner by Create365

This has become my life line. I had narrowed down my planner options to a couple at the beginning of the year but ultimately decided on this one because it's gorgeous, customizable and at the end of every month it has a Currently to fill out for that month. Yes! Just like the currently posts all of us bloggers post anyway. When I saw that I knew I just had to have this planner. It's an obsession for me now. I've even joined a Facebook group for Happy Planners and convinced a fellow blogger to get one for herself and may or may not have an order on the way from Hobby Lobby with more planner accessories.

6. Perfectly Posh Life is a Comfort Heal In It Stick

Y'all, my girl Kristen sells this amazing line of products and it's safe to say I am obsessed. This is by far my favorite product for winter. It's made with shea butter and lemon and raspberry oils; it can be used for any winter skin problem and it smells amazing. I'm currently using it as a chapstick for my super dry winter lips.

I hope you enjoyed this list of happy things. If you are interested in being featured, i'd love for you to share six things that are making you happy now. Write a little paragraph about why it makes you happy and attach a picture (iphone pics are fine as long as it is clear) then e-mail the post back to me at I'd also like a picture of you to share along with a little About Me write up, too. There's no wrong way to do this so just share whatever is making you happy.

I'm a Georgia peach. Wife to Alex, mom to Dylan, and our fur baby; Willow. Jesus, sweet tea, and the word “y’all” are staples in my life. My life is as sweet as tea, Sundays are for cuddling, friends are family, hospitality runs through my veins, my faith and traditions are strong. Pearls and flip flops are staples, we monogram everything. Every conversation starts with Hey Y'all and ends with blessing hearts. My hairdresser's shop is one of my favorite places in the world. I believe in big porches and even bigger kitchens. Some of my favorite things are things that belonged to my grandmother. I love cooking, naps, fairs and festivals, the beach, coffee, cupcakes, HGTV, anything vintage, small quaint towns, owls, candles, monograms, and all that glitters. Chick-Fil-A is a staple in my diet. I'm obsessed with Bath and Body Works, small boutiques, shopping local and cheering fellow girl bosses on.

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