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Hi Sweet Friends! February got away from me, y'all. We call it birthday season because there are nine birthdays in mine and my hubby's family between January & February. One of them is mine and this year it has worn me out. I blame that for the month slipping by and because it did I missed February's Guys Behind the Blog link up with my sweet friend Crystal from Hall Around Texas. It's never too late to post though so get ready for some syrupy sweetness from my hubby because this months questions are all Valentine's and love related.

1 // Name two things your wife has taught you.
Hmmm, Idk. (long silence). You taught me how to save things on Facebook and you taught me how to make cinnamon sugar toast which apparently I have become the master of. (He's so humble, y'all.)

2 // What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
I got to say I Do to my best friend and I got a crazy little doodle.

3 // Valentines Day is usually more about the girl...but tell me, what is something YOU would love to receive on Valentine's day?

*Insert cheesy grin* You usually do good on Valentine's Day. We just get each other silly little things. To me Valentine's Day isn't about the getting, it's about who i'm with, the love of my life.
(Good Grief. Syrupy sweetness over here.)

4 // What was the best date you and your wife ever had?

The first date because we went to O'Charley's (he proceeds to tell everything we ordered) then I took you home and kissed you. Thank goodness you kissed me back because that would have been really awkward.

5 // If money was no option and you could go anywhere in the world with just your spouse, where would you go and what would you do?
I don't know where we would go; probably somewhere tropical and warm and we'd stay somewhere not super fancy because we ain't super fancy people but somewhere really nice. We would have good food, good drinks. We'd take long walks on the beach, helicopter rides, moonlight dinners. Probably rent a convertible and drive around.

Bonus Questions:
6 // Valentine's Day - Hallmark Holiday or Real Holiday?
Little bit of both.

7 // What is your favorite romantic comedy movie?

Idk, there's so many. If I had to pick one; Knocked Up.
Me:That's not a romantic comedy.
A: Think about it. Yes it is. They fall in love at the end.

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