Messy Mondays

Hey Sweet Friends! Happy Day! It's Monday and I have a weekend hang over because it was filled with birthday fun. Yesterday was my birthday and my hubby made sure I had an amazing weekend, i'll re-cap that later this week but first, I want to share something that was kinda just laid on my heart.

I've been sitting here on my couch struggling to write a genuine post this morning. I watched an episode of American Housewife (pretty much my life minus two kids). I used my amazon gift card. I have half willingly cleaned the house but mostly I zoned out. As I did, I sat in front of my lap top and just started typing a post out on Facebook. Before I realized it I had written a blog post on Messy Mondays and turning thirty five.

Here's what's on my heart today.

{I took this picture this morning and captioned it on snap chat Monday Morning Mess}

I woke up this morning another year older. 35 y'all! THIRTY FIVE! I've never been one who is afraid of birthdays and growing older because each day i'm alive means it's another blessed day full of love and happiness to share and that sure beats the alternative. However, i've decided that this is going to be the year I focus on my health and really focus on detoxing my mind, body and contacts. I only want to focus on the things that bring me happiness and positivity. I want to nourish friendships that leave me smiling and feeling content after our time together. I want to step outside of my comfort zone and do things that scare me a little bit. I want to get myself in better shape for myself but also for my husband and son; they deserve the best of me. I want to say yes to more adventures and no to letting the mess and clutter of my life and home control me. I want long drives down county roads with the radio singing to me. I want more adventures with my hubby with us singing to each other. More barefoot dances on the back porch and more laughter and memories with my family.

For some reason turning 35 feels different than any other birthday ever has. Maybe it's because I have a husband now and we have big plans for our future. Maybe it's because we have a son who is entering high school soon. Maybe it's because we've been trying to have a baby and haven't yet. I don't know my why yet but I do know that with God and my family and friends beside me then I can do everything I set my mind to. First thing-make dentist appts. I don't know why but this scares the begeezus out of me. It's been a while since i've been. Second thing-i'm going to book a booth at our local craft fair coming up and sell stuff and i'm going to enter the cupcake bake off, too. Third thing-I'm cutting sugar out of my diet starting next month (because there's still cookie cake in my kitchen and my grandma and hubby's birthdays this month, too) because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I'm ready to take on 35 like a #bosslady!

Let's do this together! What's one thing that scares you that you want to slay this year? I'm here to cheer you on!

I also invite you to share your #messymonday pictures with me on social media every Monday (or any time life is messy and you need someone to remind you that it's okay.) We're not super women or men and we're better than that because we're exactly who God created us to be.

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