On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Sweet Friends! Happy Wednesday! We're half way through the week which also means my days of sleeping in are over for now. My son had another winter break Monday-today so this mama has been enjoying sleeping in and slow, easy mornings but it's back to life tomorrow. So for today let's celebrate with another confessions post with my sweet friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas

I Confess I'm loving the spring weather we've been having lately. It's already in the 70s here and I couldn't be happier. Yesterday was a rainy day but it was still in the 70's so I had the windows open and the front door. It was amazing!

I Confess I love the smell of rain. It's one of my favorite smells ever. It feels like the earth is getting clean, so refreshing.

I Confess I'm also loving the Swamp Queen palette from Tarte. I'm obsessed. The colors are so vibrant and they really last all day. It's one of the best birthday gifts ever. You can check out my Instagram for my daily make up looks.

I Confess I'm part of the Imperfect Boss Campaign and loving it. It's women inspiring women through our imperfections. Y'all should join the Facebook group and check out all the lovely, inspiring ladies.

I Confess I never really liked boyfriend jeans but lately i'm loving them! I need like 200 pairs. Do you love boyfriend jeans? What's your favorite pair?

I Confess I'm in a state of mind lately where being still is my focus. It's amazing how much better you feel when you learn to just be still. We spent time out on our 5 acres we're about to build on, the other day and it was so refreshing to get some exercise in and to spend time in the quietness of the woods. I'm all about doing things that are relaxing to my mind and body.

I Confess I'm recently obsessed with Pinterest again so follow me and show me all your lovely pins.

Thank you for stopping by. What's something you want to confess?

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