Wedding Wednesday.

Hi Lovelies! I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday. Mine is a rollercoaster of emotions just like the rest of the week has been. But enough about that. Let's talk Wedding! It's only 30 days until I get to marry my Prince. He's the Peanut butter to my jelly, the sprinkles to my cupcakes, The Ricky to my Lucy. Basically he's my everything and without him i'd be lost. No kidding.

Everyone says "I married my best friend", I used to think that was cliche but that was before I got engaged to my best friend. He really was my best friend for 13 years before we dated. We talked about everything. I think that made our relationship so much easier because we had a base built solely on friendship. We went out on a "date" one night (I honestly didn't realize it was a date) and since then we've been even more inseparable than before. I'm not going into detail about our love story because you can read that here

For today's Wedding Wednesday post I'm going to share with you my Wedding Shower! It was such a fun day, surrounded by love and the most amazing people in our lives.

My sweet sister in law, her sister, my mom, my sweet friend Crystal and my Aunt Melody all made this day super special and super awesome. I can never thank them enough.

Since we're getting married on the beach, my sister in law kept with the nautical theme. It turned out so perfect!

I opened tons of presents and had the best time playing the What's In Your Purse? Game. Then my sister in law asked my questions she had asked Alex, about himself. Everyone had to guess how many (out of 20) they thought i'd get right. I got 13 & my Mom guessed exactly 13 so she won the prize! A pretty little reed diffuser. We ate too much food and laughed a lot.

And before everyone left I asked them to take a picture with me :)

It was a wonderful day and I can't truly say how special it was and how much it meant to me to celebrate the next chapter of my life with these wonderful ladies.

Special Thanks to these lovely ladies for putting this together for me.
Crystal, Myself, Jordan, & Kristen.

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Happy Wednesday Lovelies! We're 1/2 way to Fri-YAY!

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  1. What an adorable shower! congratulations!

    1. Thank You! I absolutely loved it. My girls did such a great job putting this shower together.

  2. Love the theme! The letters are so cute

    1. Thank You so much!! I absolutely loved my shower. Those letters are a kit from Michael's. I bought them to be used at the wedding and all it's festivities but then my fiancee asked if we could use them in the house in the mean time. Of course we can so they sit on our coffee table currently!

  3. What a fun shower! I read in one of your other posts you are going to Hawaii for your honeymoon. We did as well, North Shore at Turtle Bay Resort. We had a lot of fun, but if I were to do it all over again, we would have rented a car beforehand. We rented a car one day while we were there and had the best time exploring the island...not to mention, its cheaper to eat away from the hotels and the place is like a food truck haven! Don't overpack for Hawaii. People are super low-key and casual there. Swimsuits, shorts and t-shirts are all you need! Even for nights out! :) Have a blast!!! The honeymoon is the BEST part of your wedding celebrations, trust me.


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