Monday Coffee Talk Pt. 4

Good Morning Lovelies! I hope this Monday is treating you well so far. It's raining here and I'm worn out after a friend's wedding yesterday but I'm going to have an amazing day anyway because I'm having a girl's day with my Aunt and cousin Emily. They're one of my bridesmaids and my flower girl and they haven't had the chance to go with me to a dress fitting yet so they're going with me today! YAY!!! I ♡ getting to put that pretty dress on and pretend to be a pretty princess for an hour or so. Doesn't that sound like a lovely way to spend a Monday? I think so.

Since it's Monday it's time for my link up with Jasmine over atClassy Sassy and a bit Smartassy. She does a Monday link up called Monday Coffee Talk. I love Coffee and I love talking so boom!! You can join the link up here Monday Coffee Talk we'll get to that in a minute because first we had another weekend worth sharing.

Friday night my honey went to Best Buy with his Dad, when he got home a bird flew in our house. I have no idea where this thing came from but that's how our weekend started, with a bird in our house. Luckily our son opened up the front door and the thing flew back out. I ran upstairs because birds in houses never go well.

Saturday my honey & I spent the entire day cleaning the man cave/office. It turned into a storage area and was impossible to get down there and do anything in + we need room to work out so we cleaned & made a ton of progress but there's still more to do. That night my honey's sister and our nephews came over for dinner & 2/3 of our kids had a ball in a cardboard box. Oh the laughs!! We laughed until it hurt because these kids of ours are goofs. We ended the night in the house, everyone on their electronics.
It was a fun time had by all.

Sunday was a friend of my fiancee's wedding. It was so so pretty & so much fun.
We laughed some more and enjoyed time with friends.
We ended the night snuggled in bed talking about our wedding which is in 40 days!!!!

That was our amazing weekend. It was exhausting but totally refreshing and it's just what we needed. Time to clean, time to be with family and friends, lots of laughter. Now, Monday Coffee Talk is where bloggers can list three goals they wish to accomplish for the week. They can be personal, business, blog related. Whatever it is you want to accomplish, just write 'em down and link 'em up.

Here are last week's goals. How'd I do?

1. Mate socks.
I despise this chore with everything in me.
Summer means flip flops all day erry day, am I right?
But with my son back in school that means socks and tennis shoes. BOO!!
I may give in and let my fiance doing them the "military way."
♡ Nope! Not even close but my son did find a stash of mated socks behind the chest in his room so that buys me some time.

2. Spend my Saturday ironing and food prep.
Normally I would say Sunday but we have a wedding to go to Sunday so Saturday it is.
Ironing is another thing I despise, that's why I was doing two weeks worth last night at 9:30
But since i'm a kind fiancee i'll just grin and bear it.
Food prep is another big thing. After I pick my son up from school we spend time with my parents
then I rush home and throw something together so dinner is done soon after my honey is home.
My dream is to be June Cleaver and have dinner on the table the minute he walks in the door but
this is real life. Between visiting w/ my parents and Atlanta rush hour traffic it never happens.
♡ Yes!! Well kinda. I got all my honey's clothes ironed for the week
& made my son food for the week on Sunday. So it got done. That's what's important.

3. Find my routine groove again.
Before school started back I had my day planned to the T
but then school started back and now I feel like i'm in a constant state of frenzy.
Not really living in the moment, always feeling rushed for what's next.
I simply can't do that. I broke down in tears during my devotional this morning b/c I
felt bad for spending that time on me. Silly right? I was reminded that I simply need
to Be Still.
♡ Yes!! I felt better last week that I have in a long time, too.
I have my routine down to a t, at least on the days i can be home all day.

Now for this week's goals.

1. Get back into the groove of my routine.
I've gotten out of it over the weekend and today will be off schedule, too
but i'll get my groove back!!

2. Try to schedule blog posts.
On days like today, where I want to blog but have places to go I don't want to squeeze out a post.
I need a plan. :)

3. Socks. Those socks.

So what are your goals for the week?
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