My Beauty Routine

Hi Lovelies! Welcome back! I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far. We've made it more than 1/2 way through now :)

Today I want to talk about my beauty routine. I can't tell you how important this is to me. Not just make up but skin care. I was a lucky teenager, I never really suffered from break outs. Maybe that's because my mom had my brothers and I on a skin care regime when we were pre-teens. For a few years of my adult life I quit doing my skin care routine and didn't really think much of it but in the last year I noticed the flaws in my skin and started my routine again. I never realized how much difference it makes in the appearance of my skin and the way I feel, too. I feel so refreshed when i'm taking care of my skin.

The line of skin care products I use is Aloette. It's a home based show company but all their products are hypo allergenic because they're aloe based. They're not sticky like an aloe leaf though and Aloette has started their own farms to grow aloe. Pretty cool, right?

Every morning after my work out I try to remember to wash my face with my products to un-clog my pores. My face always feels so smooth after this.

1st I start with my face wash. Hydra Cleansing Emulsion.
I love that it's light weight. It's not greasy at all and it doesn't dry your skin out.
I rub it all over my face then wash it off with a warm wet washcloth.

2nd I use my Sensitive Skin Toner.
A toner is a must for any facial routine.
I dab it on a cotton ball and rub it on my face and let it dry.

3rd I use my Nutra Hydrating Mist.
It's sticky if you use too much so just a little goes a long way.
I simply mist my face and let it dry.

That's my morning skin care routine. It's quick and easy and feels so good.

On to my make up routine. This is a little more complicated.

1st I rub my Clinique Moisture Surge into my skin.

2nd I use my Aloette Smooth and Soothe on my lips.
It's so minty fresh and feels amazing.
If my lips are dry then I use the smooth side then the soothe,
If not then I only use the soothe, minty lip balm.

3rd I dry my hair. I rarely use products in my hair so it's straight up drying it.

4th I use my NYX Dark Circle Corrector under my eyes and any other spots that might need it.
I'm a huge believer in this stuff, y'all. I'll never be without this!

5th It's time for my Clinque Redness Solutions make up.
I feel like my skin is usually super red so this stuff is a dream.
It covers myskin and evens my tone out like nobody's business.

6th It's time for face powder. Right now i'm out of my good stuff (Aloette).

7th Look Alive Eye Base from Aloette is a dream come true if you have dark circles under your eyes
(Hello allergies!!)

8th I apply my first base of eye shadow. Usually a light creamy color.

9th My second and third eye shadows. Usually a variation of browns or purples.

10th My favorite Aloette mascara. A-List Lash.
It's the bomb!!

11th Stop! You're making me blush! It's time for my Aloette blush!
I didn't used to use blush, I didn't think I needed it but my Aloette consultant taught me otherwise.

12th Eye Liner! Either my Aloette brown or my NYC smoky gray!
I'm a huge eye liner lover!!

13th Smudge and blend if necessary!!!

14th Making my lips kissable.
This color is amazing but it doesn't last long at all.
It is an NYC color so now to find a quality equivalent.

15th Lip gloss, if necessary! I love this completed look.

16th It's time to curl those locks. I love having bouncy, curly locks.
I feel sassy and beautiful.

Here's the completed look!
Sorry for the crazy eyes. LOL.
IDK what's going on there.

So what's your beauty routine?
What's in your make up bag?

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  1. I usually am pretty good at sticking to a regular skincare routine, but I usually change up my makeup way too often to call it a routine.

    1. Having a regular skin care routine makes me feel amazing. I love it so much. My make up switches up sometimes, too but right now this is it :)

  2. Skin care is so important! Im obsessed with NARS! I use all of the products!

    1. I agree Kate. Skin care is amazing and so so important. I've never used NARS. I'll have to check it out.

  3. Look natural and very pretty! I don't have much of a routine my day usually dictates how much and what type of makeup I need

    1. Thank You so much for that comment. You made my day. I don't like looking like I have a ton of make up on. I despise the cakey feeling. My make up switches up sometimes, too but right now this is where it's at :)

  4. I really need to get back into a regular skin care routine. You look beautiful! The products sound great too.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment! You made my day! The products are amazing!!

  5. I have super sensitive skin so I'll have to check Aloette out! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You're so welcome. If you need a rep let me know. I have a great one! I love all their products and stand by them 100%.

  6. You're beautiful! I love my skincare routine as well - washing my face and applying moisturizer are my absolute morning and night have-to's!


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