Weekend Wrap Up.

Hi Lovelies! I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday. I am, well, other than the fact that my kid called from school saying he didn't feel well. He's fine, just a headache but as soon as I walked in the office I was handed the check out list b/c teachers don't want to handle any of that mess. Anyway, it's not going to stop me from having a fabulous Monday. I'm still on a love high from this weekend. Saturday was my Wedding Shower, more on that in a minute. How was my weekend spent?

Fridaynight my brother and sister in law came out to spend the night at my parent's house. My sister in law was the main
co-ordinator for my wedding shower and since the shower was held at my parent's house, they spent the night. We hung around with them until about midnight, laughing and talking and playing Family Feud. Once we got home our heads hit the pillows and we were out like the lights.

Saturdaywas my shower but not until 4 p.m. so my fiancee and I took our sweet time getting ready. We hung out in the office for a good part of the morning, it was a nice slow start to what I knew would be an energetic day. We took showers around 11:3o, got dressed and headed out to Taco Bell for lunch then a run to Target so I could get a new dress. Last minute decision b/c I had to look my best and nothing I had would do! I was only in a slight panic when it was 12:30 and we weren't at my parent's house yet. We made it in plenty of time though. We helped set up just a little bit, my sister in law & mom about had it all done. I'm not going into too many details because I have another post planned just on this subject but I will say that a good time was had by all, I got a ton of nice gifts, and I have some of the best family and friends ever!

Here's a sneak peak.

Sunday was spent putting away all the gifts we got & getting a new dishwasher. We didn't plan on getting a new dishwasher but when we got home on Saturday night my honey noticed it was leaking and had been for quiet a while apparently because the floors are now bowed. He wasted no time though, he went to Home Depot that night and ordered us a new one then went and picked it up Sunday morning. He and our neighbor spent a couple hours installing it. THe rest of the day was spent on laundry and chores then watching Fear The Walking Dead.

A small portion of the gifts we received.

Our new dishwasher.

Needless to say. I'm blessed. We're blessed. We're blessed with wonderful loved ones who came out to celebrate us Saturday and shower us with love and gifts. And i'm especially blessed to have such an amazing man. I was fully prepared to hand wash dishes without complaint until after our wedding and honeymoon but, without asking, he took care of the dishwasher. If that's not blessed then I don't know what is.

So that was my weekend in a nut shell. How was yours?

Now, onto Monday Coffee Talk.
Monday Coffee Talk is where bloggers can list three goals they wish to accomplish for the week. They can be personal, business, blog related. Whatever it is you want to accomplish, just write 'em down and link 'em up.

Here are last week's goals.
How'd I stack up?

1. Get back into the groove of my routine.
♡ Yes! For the most part. I'm learning to be patient because everyday is going to be different.
As long as I have my morning routine down then I can flow with the rest of the day.

2. Try to schedule blog posts.
♡ Nope, not even close. Life is busy and with a wedding 33 days away,
I don't see it slowing down any.

3. Socks. Those socks.
♡ The baskets full? No
But I am getting better at mating them as they come through the laundry.
That totally counts!

Usually i would schedule more goals for the up-coming week but right now i'm too exhausted.
In all honestly, can I have a nap please?! No!
Okay, well at least there are cupcakes in my belly, I mean fridge. Okay, they're about to be in my belly.

Happy Monday Peaches!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Look at all those fabulous gifts! sorry your son isn't feeling well. Hope he gets better and you have a great week.


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