What's in my purse?

Women's purses our lives & there's something fascinating to me about seeing what's in other women's bags. I buy the US Weekly magazine for the article, if you call it that, about what's in a celebrity woman's purse and I die for a blog post about what's in your purses. Okay, not die for it but I do find it intriguing. You can tell a lot about a woman by what she carries in her bag. I did one of these posts in February but I haven't done one since & I know the suspense is killing you! I'm sure you've been wondering what is it that she carries with her everywhere she goes? What makes her who she is? No?!
What's In My Purse?

Oh, well, now you're curious, I'm sure of it!

Before the suspense kills you here's what's in my bag.

♡ No less than 3 pairs of sunglasses and not a single pair in my sunglasses case because that would make too much sense!
♡ Pens. I have an obsession with pens. The cuter the better & if you borrow one i'll be staring you down until you return it.
♡ A few stray dolla dolla bills, y'all.
♡ An old grocery list.
♡ An rsvp to our wedding.
♡ keys with my 31 fob and my Brighton owl that my sweet boy gave me for Mother's Day a couple years ago.

♡ Vera Bradley license holder.
♡ Coach wallet.
♡ Vera Bradley coin purse.
♡ Fossil owl pouch with hair elastics.
♡ A few rogue pony tail holders.

♡ B&BW Pink Lemonade Fizz lotion. This smells amazing!
♡ B&BW Stress Relief hand sanitizer. LOVE! This is a necessity when out in public.
♡ EOS mint chapstick. My fave!!
♡ H&M lip color set. I got this dirt cheap y'all but I love it so so much!!
♡ A couple extra lip colors + Aquafina chapstick. Obviously I love my lips.

And in my carry all pouch...

♡ Leather thingy with headphones and a selfie button.
♡ Face powder.
♡ Tide Pen.
♡ Victoria's Secret Fresh Vanilla Spray.
♡ Clinique foundation.
♡ Almay mascara.
♡ Cleaning cloth.
♡ Nail clippers & tweezers.
♡ Nail polish remover pads.
♡ Cleaning wipe for iPhone screens.
♡ Medicines for headaches & allergies.
♡ Feminine products.
♡ Q-Tips.

And usually a granola bar & always my iPhone but I was taking pics with it this time.

So now that you know what's in my bag tell me what's in yours?

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  1. Whoa! You've got a big purse! lol. I need one! My bag is only 7x5...definitely not big enough. The three pairs of sunglasses kills me. I'm an addict so I can relate. I have a spare pair everywhere, from my car to my office, to my home...and everywhere in between!

    1. I love my purse! I'm actually thinking I need one a little smaller but maybe not. LOL! I'm so glad you can relate. Since this blog post the sunnies have all been put in their places. :)

  2. Wow .You've got a lot of stuff in there. I never seem to have a pen, so I really need to get one on my purse. I usually have wallet, hair ties, travel pack of wet ones, lipstick, lip gloss, fruit snacks, a train or car, diaper, and baby wipes. Can you tell I'm a mom?

    1. Girl, i'm right there with you. I'm a mom, too but mine is 12 so he carries his own stuff now so don't worry, it does get better. LOL! I do carry a ton of stuff though!

  3. lol @ 3 pairs of sunglasses. Looks a lot like mine. Although I'm pretty sure I've somehow accumulated about 16 lip glosses in there at this point. ha


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