Sweating For The Wedding

Good Morning Lovelies! It's Wednesday! You know what that means!?!
♡ 3 days until my wedding shower
♡ 10 days until my girls day out/bachelorette party
♡ 38 days until my wedding
♡ 40 days until our Hawaiian Honeymoon!
With this exciting and wonderful season upon me I've decided to start over with a fresh slate. I was tired of never having any energy and feeling awful. My fiancee and I have one wonderful 12 year old son but we knew we wanted at least one more baby together, too and the state I was in was no state to have a baby, much less live a long, healthy life for our son so together we started eating better. We were using the MyFitnessPal App (still are) and watching our calorie count. We started that in January & we saw progress, so much progress. I lost 15 pounds, he lost 20 then we both plateaued and have been holding steady for a couple months. Steady is good but steady isn't our ideal weight so I decided to start yoga then I decided to join my friend Kristen (she's also my brother's sister in law) in the Beachbody program.

I started yoga about a month ago. I was doing it every morning and the energy it brought me was amazing. I started feeling so refreshed and energized not to mention, my back hasn't hurt me nearly as much as it used to. I fell in love with the way I was starting to feel and decided it wasn't enough so I joined Kristen in the Beachbody Program. She sent me the Cize dvd's and got me in on her 21 day fix group and her 5 day clean eating group. I did the clean eating group last week and learned some new things but mostly found some really great new clean eating recipes. I'm not on week 2 of the 21 day fix and loving it. The support is awesome. Every evening we check in and give our food, water, and excercise and rating of 1-5, 5 being the best. Even if we've had a bad day that day it's nice to check in because everyone is cheering you on. It's like getting together with your best girlfriends every evening, knowing you have cheerleaders on your team!

I'm still using the MyFitness Pal App to track my calories and now i'm using waterlogged to make sure I drink plenty of water everyday. My goal is a gallon a day.
I've cut out all drinks except coffee in the morning & tea at night. I'm a Southern Mama. I need my coffee and sweet tea.
We're adding more fruits and veggies into our diets and less pre packaged junk. Do I still eat out? Yes! Do I still indulge? Yes! But it's about limiting the sweets and picking healthier options when we eat out and always paying attention to the portion size recommendations.
I take a women's multi vitamin and a fruit + veggie vitamin because we don't get our full serving of fruits or veggies a day. EVER!

With doing all that I lost 15 lbs but that's not enough so I'm doing yoga & Cize and occasionally going for walks. Yesterday I just needed to be out of the house, away from people and in nature so I took off to my favorite park, next door to my son's school and walked an extra mile. It was great to exercise and clear my head.

So with all that combined i'm still on the mission to get fit and i'll be #sweatingforthewedding until the wedding comes then i'll be sweating for life because that's what this is about. It's a healthy lifestyle change because my soon to be husband deserves the best of me so does my son and our future children.

So if you're stuck in a work out rut and need some inspiration I hope you find it here.

If you think you're interested in the Beachbody program please send me an e-mail Lesliew21282@gmail.com.
Kristen has set us up to this challenge!

Hey lovelies! If you're ready to make some amazing changes to your life; your fitness & your health then I have the perfect opportunity for you! I've been doing beach body with my coach Kristen. Today she's challenging us to ‪#‎findafriend‬. If you think you might be interested just let me know.

I promise, it's the best thing you can do for yourself.

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  1. yay for getting married so soon! CONGRATS!

  2. So much exciting stuff coming up! Great job sticking with your new goals. Losing 15 lbs is no small task, way to go girl!

    1. Aww, thanks for your sweet comment and words of encouragement! I'm feeling so amazing now :)

  3. Get it girl.
    I actually gained weight before my wedding. Um whoops. LOL. All that happiness!
    I wish I had gone your route. Keep up the great work!!!


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