Oh, Hey Friday!

It's Friday! Can I get an amen? We've made it another week and that also means we've survived our first three days of back to school. Hallelujah! Now for sleeping in and spending the weekend with some good friends and my mom whose coming in from job training in Chicago tonight. I plan on doing much of nothing besides relaxing.

It also means it's Oh, Hey Friday! time with the always adorable & bubbly Karli who blogs over at September Farm.

Oh, Hey Friday!

You can join or just check out her fabulous blog. If you do you should read it from start to finish, you're sure to laugh, smile, and nod in agreeance the whole way through. She's a bubbly, gem of a person & that's just what I know from her blog. She keeps life real.

How does this link up work?

1. Well first off you list 5 things. They can be as random as you want or all about one subject, there are no real rules here.
2. You link up your post at the bottom of hers, not mine. I'm not that fancy.
3. Then you grab the button, from below & add it to yours.
4. Then you spread the word about your blog, her blog, and everyone else's you want.
(I added that part-duh!)

Here are my Fabulous Five on this Happy Fri-YAY!

1. Sushi date with my buddy before he started school. It was seriously as good as it looks and I've been craving more ever since Tuesday!

2. This is my new favorite beer. Actually it's my only favorite beer! I love anything cinnamon flavored and this definitely does not disappoint!

3. Wednesday was the first day back to school. Boo for my son! Yay for me! I celebrated by shopping. I ended up with two nail polishes and two new shirts but I was swooning over everything!

4. My amazing fiancee ordered a sampler pack of k-cups from Amazon, they were delivered Monday and have made this week so much more amazing. I can't adult without coffee and the choices are just endless and delectable. I like to switch things up so this has made my mornings Heavenly.

5. This sunflower. I love sunflowers so much, my mom and I have tried to grow them so many times over the years and never succeeded but this beauty is now in full bloom in my parent's garden! Swoon!!

So what are your 5 happy things this week? What are you looking forward to?

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  1. such a pretty sunflower! Glad you have some time to yourself xoxo

  2. I have got to hunt down that horchata Blue Moon! I love Blue Moon by itself but I've got to try that flavor. Yum!

  3. Mmm I want to try all of those coffees! We got a giant box of all the same kind at Sam's Club months ago and I am ready for a change!

  4. I love sunflowers. I'm also going to have to try that Blue Moon. I love the original.

  5. I love sunflowers. I'm also going to have to try that Blue Moon. I love the original.


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