August Goals

Hey y'all! Happy Thursday. We're so close to Friday I can feel it and boy do I need it! Our sweet boy started school yesterday and these early mornings are kicking my tail right now. I'm totally un-inspired on every level right now. I just want a cup of coffee the size of my head, my favorite sweats, a blanket and a nap but I also want to enjoy this last hour and a half of quiet and catch up on all things blog. So here I am :) Designer bags under my eyes and all.

I realize that it's already the 6th of August but now's a good time to bring back my monthly goals, right? I need some motivation and I'll totally to be able to rock these goals this month & I'll have accountability if I put it out there for everyone else to see.

1. More quiet time.
I get 8 hours to myself a day but I need to get back to making some of that quiet time where I can do my daily devotional and spend time in the silence.
Too often the t.v. is on and i'm not really listening to it so why not turn it off and enjoy the silence?
Maybe I can even read the magazines that are stacked up on my coffee table and the book that's been in my car for a year, only partially read.

2. Step up my work out game.
I do about 30 minutes of yoga in the mornings except for the weekends.
It's time to do that, even on the weekends and add more work outs into my days.
I'm about to start a 21 day fix with my brother's sister in law so that will help but I need to keep them both going even after the challenge is done.

3. Eat healthier.
We did good with this for a while now we've slipped back into eating crappy again.
I'm still using MyFitnessPal app and keeping my calories under 1,500 but I'm not eating healthy.
I'm always on the look out for new vegetable recipes so if you have any please send them my way.

4. Start walking in the evenings.
My fiancee has been saying we need to do this all summer but it's been a scorcher or else it's raining.
I have friends who still walk in the 100+ degree heat and rain so time to stop making excuses.

5. Continue to grow my blog.
And learn how to add new things to it.
I have a whole list of things I want to do to my blog still.

6. Get back into a school routine.
I know this one will happen given time, it's only been two days but already I feel frazzled & tired.
Frazzled because i'm tired.

7. Manage to stay awake after we put our kiddo in bed and enjoy time with my honey.
Bless him.
I'm out as soon as my head hits the pillow these days.
Summer is great because we were staying up until 11 and 12 and enjoying quality time together.

8. Put away the electronics more in the evenings.

And enjoy quality time with my guys.

9. Make and sell at least two pieces of jewelry this month.
I haven't made anything new to sell all summer so I definitely need to work on this.

10. Continue my skin care routine.
I've amped it up and am doing it in the morning and at night right now and it feels amazing.
I just need to keep it up!!!

11. Get together with friends at least twice this month.
I miss all our friends.
Lives get busy and everything but we don't get together nearly enough.

12. Spend more time in nature.
I love being outside, I really do but with the million degrees it's been it hasn't been very enjoyable.

13. Send more snail mail.
You know, the old fashioned way.

So those are my goals for this month. Help keep me in line, will you, please? We can help each other out and cheer each other on!

What are some of your goals for this month?

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  1. Wow, your kid started school the first week fo August? That's extremely early if you ask me. Good luck on your goals. I need to get into a better exercise routine too, eat healthier and I hope to make some jewelry too, though I don't sell.

    1. Yeah, we start very early but we also get out at the end of June.
      Thanks for your encouraging words. I love making jewelry. Sometimes I keep it for myself

      I hope you're having a wonderful day!

  2. I wish I could put away my electronics but I just can't !!! By the way I can't believe you guys started school already

    1. It's a struggle for me, too but time flies and my kiddo is growing up too fast so I need to cherish every moment with him. And yes, school already started back but we get out at the end of June.


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