Oh Hey, Friday!

This morning while I was standing in the kitchen having coffee with my husband {a total weekday treat because usually this is a weekend thing. Monday thru Friday he's usually out the door before i'm even out of bed} he said "you know what the best part about Friday is? When I asked what I couldn't help but giggle at his answer. "Saturday" that's what he said. Saturday really is the best thing about Friday, y'all but you know what else is good about Friday? The Oh Hey, Friday! link up with the always adorable Karli from September Farm.

Today's top 5 is all about my favorite things from this week. So happy reading y'all and Happy Friday!

1. Last Saturday my Mom, Grandma and I had a mini girl's day.
We went to my friend's new boutique and did some shopping.
I bought myself two new vests and a new fall shirt.
I wanted to buy all the things but I did good and only picked out three new things.
I'll be doing a blog post about all my latests and greatest finds as soon as I get my last couple packages in the mail.

2. Yesterday my Guys Behind the Blog post went live and I have to say, it's my favorite post i've ever done. I just adore my hubby.

3. I'm such a beauty product junkie. I can't walk into any store without buying them so it's no surprise that I bought a few more this week.
See pic below for my latest buys and which one is hands down my new "go to", "how did I ever live without it?" product.

4. NYX Wonder Pencil is hands down my new favorite beauty buy. Im using it as a reverse lip liner which fills in the ridges and lines in your lips and fights against bleeding and fading. Best of all, it's only $4.50 on the NYX website.

5. This. This is everything. It's my favorite pin of the week because it's seriously the sweetest thing ever written.
I know Johnny & June didn't have a perfect love story but there's so much to learn about love from just this one quote.

Just this morning I was standing in our kitchen around our island drinking coffee with my husband, thinking that this was the best way to start any day and wishing that every day started like that. Usually my husband is out the door before i'm even out of bed so coffee on the weekends has become my favorite because I’ve usually slept in and as soon as my honey hears me stirring he comes and asks me if i’m ready for a cup. He makes it the best and i’m not even sure how (marrying a former barista is a dream come true) and we enjoy our slow mornings, sipping coffee together so it was a special treat this morning.

If you find someone whose company you enjoy so much that you actually look forward to the little moments with them then you've found the one you can spend your life with because life is full of those moments so you might as well enjoy them and laugh a little.

Happy Weekend Loves!

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