Hello Monday

Hello Monday. Hello new possibilities. Hello sunshine. Hello fall weather.

Hello Lovely Peachies. I know i've been pretty quiet lately. I feel like i've had nothing new to say and i've been all out of ideas for the blog lately. I've been in search of new inspiration and really spending a lot of time thinking about what I want to say next. I'm at a place where spending time with loved ones and really pouring my soul into living with intention has been my focus. There's something about this time of year that I love. Maybe it's the holidays that are upon us but I really feel the need to just be still and soak in the moments.

Yesterday my hubby & I were in a frenzy of cleaning when he said "let's go lay in the hammock together." In my frenzied state I could only see goals I had set forth to accomplish and my response was "but I still want to dust the dresser, make lasagna, and an apple pie. Maybe after I'm done with that we can." The words "I wish I could lay around and just be lazy" actually came out of my mouth and I found myself instantly shocked at what I had just said. I get tunnel vision and can only focus on one thing when I get in these moods. Yesterday my one thing was, selfishly, my own goals.

It wasn't long after that we were finishing cleaning our bedroom when I said to my husband "Okay. Let's go lay in the hammock." So we did and I can tell you that it was the best hour of my entire day. We laid out there snuggled together under blankets with the dog running around. There was no tv, no music, just the sounds of nature and cars driving by. My hubby even took a nap and I fought the urge to get up and leave him there so I could get back to my goals. Instead I closed my eyes and I prayed then I enjoyed just being wrapped in my husband's arms, soaking in the moment. I even drifted off to sleep for a minute. Those moments are what my soul needs. Those moments are what it means to live life with intention.

Pslams 46:10 "Be Still and know that I am God" speaks to my heart in that moment because, in that moment, I stilled myself ;mind, body, and soul; and was able to soak in all the little things I would have missed if I hadn't stopped being selfish and continued on with my daily chores. I would have missed the way the cool breeze felt blowing through my hair. I would have missed the sunshine kissing my skin. I would have missed my husband's snuggles and the way his heartbeat puts me at ease when I lay my head on his chest. I would have missed the birds chirping in the trees above us and I would have missed talking to God in that moment.

As we head into a new week I choose to see it full of possibilities and wonder. I choose to make my own happiness and above all else, I choose to live intentionally and take a time out of my own to do list and snuggle with my hubby or play a game with my son. Life is too short to be focused on housework and chores. I am starting this week off with a grateful heart and living more intentionally and that means soaking in the ordinary moments and remembering that no one has ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed.

I am going to show up for the people I love again and again, until I can't show up for them anymore.

What does living intentionally mean to you?
How are you practicing that?

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