On Wednesdays We Confess

Hi Peachies! Happy Wednesday! I'm hoping y'all are having a wonderful day. I'm sitting on my couch with the windows open, my diffuser going with Relax and Eucalyptus and American Housewife on the tv so it;s safe to say my day is going pretty good. Today happens to also be my favorite blog posting day of the week because it's time for On Wednesdays We Confess with my sweet friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas.

So let's get ready for some confessions.

I Confess that I'm so sucked into American Housewife right now that I keep telling the dog to "hold on one minute" before I take her out.

I Confess I haven't posted anything since last Wednesday's confession post.

I Confess the blog slump is real but so are the snuggles with my baby nephew so I have no regrets.

I Confess my hubby told me to go shopping for fall clothes. Of course I complied.
Three new shirts & two new pairs of jeans.
Plus new wedge boots and leggings on the way! Thanks Love!

I Confess I am loving everything wine and blush colored for the fall.
In fact, everything I've bought so far for the fall is one of those colors.

I Confess I've heard a lot of great things about the leggings from Simple Addiction
{thanks Chelsie} so I finally ordered some.
They're on sale for $9.95 and I found a code for BOGO on Facebook.
Just enter FREELEG at checkout. I'm stoked!

I Confess as much as I love being out with friends and shopping, I live for days like these.
Doors and windows open, diffusers and candles lit, binge watching tv and cleaning house.

I Confess I'm in a creative slump lately. I haven't even made any jewelry or opened my Etsy shop.
What is wrong with me?

I Confess I've been busy in the kitchen lately and my hubby is loving it.
I even made the dog her own pumpkin treats the other day!

I Confess I'm going to try to cut as much sugar as possible out of my diet because lately something just feels off with my body.
I'm not sure what it is or why but I can totally start by cutting out sugar and junk (except my morning coffee) and seeing if that helps.

I Confess I plan on getting my act together and getting more blog posts out. I want next week to be a full week.

Share with me your confessions.
What do you want to get off your mind?

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