On Wednesdays We Confess

Happy Wednesday! We're so close to the weekend y'all! It's Friday Eve Eve and I am so ready for the weekend. I'm also excited because it's time for On Wednesdays We Confess with my sweet friend Mistle from Sweet Tea and Hydrangeas.

I Confess it was hard to turn my alarm clock back on last night.
Having a 4 day weekend was so amazing! I love having my kiddo home with me!

I Confess I am in love with this time of year.
Windows open, candles lit, sweaters and leggings-that's my jam!

I Confess I forgot that early mornings are pretty amazing.
The quietness before the world awakens is the best.
So is sitting on the couch with my buddy and our Willow pup,
watching tv and talking before the busyness of our day begins.

I Confess I've never liked pumpkin coffee until this week.
We bought a huge 96 fall variety pack of K-Cups last weekend and it has pumpkin coffee in it.
Before I gave away all, I tried it and I actually like it. I guess I am a basic white girl.

I Confess I can't get enough of the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins I made the other day.
They are my favorite treat this time of year.
You can find the recipe here.

I Confess I am loving that our front porch has become our favorite family hang out spot since we got a wicker set out there.
Even our teenager likes to hang out with us out there.
The other day we were eating dinner outside, our neighbor came over and then our kiddo was playing with his robots with the dog out there.
It was one of those moments I wish I could bottle up and save forever.

I Confess I'm excited for lunch with some of my girlfriends tomorrow.
It's been a goal of mine to have girl time with at least one girlfriend a month this year.
I think I've been successful.

I Confess I'm excited to get my baseball tee from Amazon today so my mom and I can make this shirt.

I Confess I feel super accomplished for creating this mani.

I Confess i'm so excited for the holidays this year. I always love them but this year i'm really excited for them for some reason.

I Confess tomorrow's blog post is a re-share but it's an important one so come back for that!

I Confess cheer mail is my love language.
I love sending it out to my loved ones who need a little boost in their day.
It's such a fun, in-expensive way to let someone know you're thinking of them.
I'd love to start a cheer mail revolution and have everyone spreading love and cheer so join me in sending someone you love a little happiness
then tag me in your post on Instagram

I Confess I need to catch up on October's Instagram Challenge!

So share with me what you are confessing this week.
I'd love to hear.

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