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Hi Peachies! I am so excited about today's post. It's one I wanted to do forever and I finally have the chance. Today i'm linking up with my sweet friend Crystal from Hall Around Texas for the Guy's Behind the Blog series. I had so much fun interviewing my sweet, handsome hubby for this and I think he had fun, too.

Just read what he asked me at the end and I think you'll see why.

So go grab a cup of cider, coffee or tea and snuggle in with us and read my hubby's Guys Behind the Blog interview.

1.) What was your most favorite Halloween costume and why?
A:When I was a ninja turtle.
Me: Which one?
A: Michaelangelo because he was a party dude.

2.) Haunted Houses - love them or hate them?
I can take them or leave them. They don't scare me.

3.) What is your favorite scary movie of all time?
A: My all time favorite scary movie is the original Night of the Living Dead.
Me: That's not scary
A: Yeah but that's what got me started in the whole zombie genre.

4.) If you had to attend a mandatory dress up Halloween party this year what would you go as?
Myself because i'm that awesome!
{insert heavy sigh and eye rolls from me}

5.) Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?
A: Sure, why not?
Me: Then why do you believe in them?
A: There are plenty of un-explained things, aren't there?
A: I also believe in Big Foot.

When we were done he said to me. "that's all? I wanted more questions." Hahaha...this man of mine is silly but I love that he supports my dreams, my goals and my hobbies. I think it's safe to say that he'll be back for next month's Guys Behind the Blog.

Ask your significant other these questions and post their answers in the comments.
I can't wait to their answers.

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