March Goals-How'd I Do?

Wow y'all! We've almost got another month in the books because March has 14 hours left in it. I'm just wondering where time goes because it seems like Christmas was yesterday. Anyway, I kind of look forward to the beginning of a new month because it's a fresh start, kind of like New Year's 12 times a year. This time of year is my favorite but I think I say that about every season because there is something wonderful about the start of each. I love this time of year because I love the flowers blooming, the grass turning green, the sun shining bright. I love grilling on the back porch with my honey and spending lazy evenings laying out in our hammock. I love windows open and fresh cut flowers in pretty vases. I love taking the top off my car or our Jeep and cruising around town. I love flip flops and shorts and all things pastel.

It just makes my heart and soul happy!

That being said let's check back and see how I did on my March goals!

March Goals

1. Ask my last bridesmaid to be in my wedding.
{I did not get to this one yet.
We had plans but something very important came up.
She's got a lot on her plate right now.}

2. Start wedding dress shopping.
{This hasn't happened yet either but
it's on my radar to happen in the next couple weekends.}

3. Maybe I should actually book the wedding planners, just sayin'.
This one DID happen! YAY!!
We have our date set, our planners booked,
package picked out, colors picked and
a beach house booked, too!

4. Get wedding invites ordered or start making them.
This one sort of happened. My Mom and I started them but
then I decided to go ahead with our engagement pics
and I'll want to use them so we're putting that on pause
for a couple more weeks.

5. Visit Ulta and buy the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette.
{This did NOT happen because $50 for make-up?
Nope. Not happening. Instead I went to Target
and bought a ton more with that $50.}

6. Start selling my jewelry.
This DID happen. After everyone loved everything I made
and really encouraged me to sell it, I did.
So far I've sold one bracelet to my sweet friend Brittany
so that's a start.

7. Wash my face nightly with my skin care products.
{FAIL! I did wash my face several nights but most nights i'm too tired
so I curl up in bed and forget it.}

8. Mate socks at least once a week (it's the chore I despise the most).
{Umm, nope! I despise that chore the most, obviously.
You want socks, you find them yourself.}

9. Send people more snail mail, just because.
This one I DID! I definitely need to do more of it though.

10. Less internet time in the evenings.
This one is something I've wavered on. Some nights I did great,
others not so well. Apparently you can't break old habits so easily.
It's a work in progress though.

11. Start my Wii-Fit work-out again.
{Nope and I have no reason. I need to get on it!}

12. Lose 5 more pounds.
This one I DID! And it does feel great.
I'm encouraged to keep on keepin' on.

13. Eat more fruits and veggies.
Veggies, yes. It's easy for me to add veggies to our meals
but fruit here has sucked lately. Luckily it's getting to be
fruit season!

14. Add social media buttons to my blog!
I DID! I'm not sure they're 100% correct but that's something i'm
working on. They're there!

So that's how I did with my March Goals, a lot of these will be carrying over to April. Not just because I didn't do them but some, because I want to continue to do them.

How did you do with your March Goals? Did you set any?

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