Desk Space.

Hi again y'all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! We're almost there. Friday is within reach!

This week I've been busy digging out my desk in the Man Cave. Our house is on the smaller side, not that i'm complaining because I believe smaller houses grow happy families because we have no choice but to communicate and hang out. For the time being I have a desk, not a whole craft room. When I first moved in with my fiance I didn't need the space so it became storage for all of our junk to be shredded and our son's extra school supplies. Now that i'm blogging and getting back into crafting I desperately need the space, mostly for storage.

Before our son and I moved in here we were living with my parents. My mom has a pretty big craft room in their basement and it's stocked. Anything I ever wanted or needed was there because she's the most crafty person I know. She sews, paints, makes stained glass, scrapbooks, she's even dabbled in crocheting. When I lived there I rarely bought my own craft supplies and while they're still readily available to me I like to buy my own stuff and have it at my home so that when I decide to get my craft on it's all at my finger tips.

I've started making jewelry so that's most of my crafting supplies. Currently it all lives inside of plastic boxes inside a 31 carry all tote in my living room but I fully intend on expanding my collection. Soon it won't all fit in there! I also make wreaths so I need a place for all that, too!

When I decided to clean that space out and dress it up for me I looked no farther than pinterest for inspiration.

These are the pins that inspired me.

So much prettyness and girlieness!

Of course, once the ideas started flowing, my first stop was Target. Their Dollar Spot is fabulous, especially for office supplies.
Here's my loot.

I love to collect pretty cards and randomly send them out. You can never have too many, right?

Here's how things are shaping up so far.

There's still a lot to be done. I need my bulletin board hung, I may cover it in fabric first though. I need a trash can, a new rug and maybe a shelf + pretty pictures to be hung on the walls.

so far I'm in love though!

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