Transformation Tuesday

I've been doing a year of happiness project over on Instagram where every day for one year you post one thing you're happy, grateful, or thankful for. I decided to share today's happy here, too. This one is something i'm really happy for because I feel so much better. I know some people are struggling with losing weight and maybe you don't know where to start. I'm here to tell you that with determination you can start exactly where you're at. You don't need a gym membership, shakes, supplements or anything else to get started. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things, at all! I'm not knocking anyone who uses any of that. My point is though that if money is an issue or self conciousness start with what you've got. Get off the couch, get moving and DO IT! Don't quit until you've reached your goals. While you're at it join me on the simplylovegratitudeproject.

Alex and I started our journey back in January. It's not been a secret I just haven't shared much about it because I wasn't seeing the results I wanted and if I don't see the results then how can I tell you that what i'm doing works? I'm down 10+ lbs and Alex is down about 16-18. All we've been doing is using the My Fitness Pal App and tracking calories. It's not about depriving yourself of the things you love to eat. We certainly don't. We've been eating everything we love; Chick-fil-A, China Garden, Hungry Howie's, etc.but in moderation. I don't call it dieting, we're not. We're learning how to cut out the cakes, and donuts (because if it were up to me we'd have those things all the time) and add in more fruits and veggies. You can do it, too. It's easy.

{Day 37} I know y'all are looking at this thinking why is she thankful for shorts? Stick with me, I'll explain. Back in the fall my honey bought these for me. Since then they've spent the winter in my closet, well today I pulled them out and put them on & they're too big! I've lost 10+ lbs since my honey and I started this get fit journey back in January! I've got a long way to go but it feels great getting started. ‪#‎simplylovegratitudeproject‬

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