Hi y'all. Welcome back to Monday. I hope everyone is still with me after the Daylight Savings Time. I thought it wasn't a big deal until I read Becoming Adorrable's (http://becomingadorrable.com) post this morning. Did you know that the Monday after DST begins everyone is less productive, work place injuries rise and so do the number of heart attacks? German researches believe our bodies never really recover from DST and that altering our circadian rhythm can be damaging to our health. It also puts people who are at risk of heart disease at a greater risk after sudden time changes. There are 25% more heart attacks on the Monday after the time change.

Read this article for yourself, it has some very interesting information.

With all that being said let's hope that everyone is having a wonderful Monday and enjoying the extra of hour we're getting in the evenings. I know we are! So let's get to the weekend. It was absolutely gorgeous this weekend. It was in the 30's and snow flurries were flying on Friday but nothing stuck. It was 65* for the rest of the weekend!


I spent the day at my parent's, seeing that their Corvette was towed back to the dealership (just a flat tire, so nothing major). I stuck around and played with the dogs and just hung out for the rest of the day since it was snowing. I wanted to be close to my son's school just in case they called it. They didn't because it didn't do much of anything. Nothing stuck, in fact, in quit snowing in less than an hour. I attempted to make jewelry but the dogs had other plans.

They wrestled in my lap and when that was done, Drago decided he wanted to help.

I picked my son and I up and we hung out at my parent's for a little while longer. When my Finace got home from work we went home and decided to order Hungry Howie's pizza for dinner. That was the extent of our fun that night.


We had some errands to run but we let our son sleep in. I made muffins for my boys.

Since my Dad was off work this day we had planned on going to see my parents at some point in the day but our son wanted to stay with them while we ran errands so we let him. It's easier on us and more enjoyable. I wish I could tell you that our day was exciting but it really wasn't. Two grocery stores, one book store and the Dollar General. Woo Hoo! We did see my soon to be in-law's which resulted in my fiance going to Best Buy with his Dad to replace their t.v. So I hung out with my soon to be MIL. She's the sweetest. She asked me to help her use her No! NO! laser hair removal so I did. I can say that it turned out to be pretty entertaining. We laughed a lot. She was a good sport while I figured that contraption out.

We ended up having dinner at my parent's house. My mom made a delicious chicken & broccoli pasta with Sangria and a chocolate molten lava cake. It was awesome!

After dinner my son made up a Wii tournament. I think he was the winner of that. Surprise!! (NOT).

My dad and son playing in the Wii tournament.


The weather was simply stunning. It felt warmer than 65* and the sun was shining bright! My Fiance, son and I went to a mexican buffet for lunch then home to clean house. Well I cleaned house, my fiance washed all our cars but first we pulled out our hammock and enjoyed two hours of sunshine while our lunch settled. It was nice to just lay outside, soak up the sun and talk.

After that we cleaned. Our house and vehicles are sparkling even though i'm still fighting through laundry. I made chicken salad and coconut praline cookies then we sat down and watched The Walking Dead. It was the perfect way to end a beautiful weekend.

I hope yours was just as nice.

Happy Monday!!

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