Hi y'all. It's Monday. I know, I know... who likes Monday? No one that I know, even so, it's a great day so far. I've got all the windows in the house open & candles burning so we can get some fresh air in here while I catch up on laundry and Dinner at Tiffani's. If you haven't watched Dinner at Tiffani's yet you totally should. Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly Capowski) invites her celebrity friends over to cook and hang out with her. I'm pretty much down with most cooking shows but this one is like hanging out with your friends. LOVE.

Anyway, enough about that. Let's re-cap the weekend. We started out with no plans really except grocery shopping on Saturday and lunch with my best friend on Sunday but soon all of our plans changed and we had a weekend full of plans.

Unfortunately I did not take many pics this weekend. I was soaking up the time with my guys and family and i'm trying really hard not to be on the phone all the time when we're together.


Fridays are usually pretty boring around here, this one was no exception. Friday started off rainy and foggy, nothing new for Georgia lately. I decided to spend the day at my parent's house so I lugged my laptop, all of my jewelry making supplies, and my wedding planners/magazines over for the day. Around 12:30 I got a call from my kiddo, he was sick at school so I left and picked him up then went to my parent's house and gathered up all my belongings and headed home. We were home by 1:30 which was nice. By 3:30 my fiance called me and was getting off work early because someone close to him had passed away. That night was a super lazy night at home with homemade chicken 'n dumplings.


Saturday mornings are always my favorites. We sleep in, sometimes, and spend the rest of the morning lounging in our pajamas, drinking coffee and enjoying each other's company. We had several errands to run so we left our around noon and went to lunch at Popeye's because I was craving fried chicken something fierce. After that we went to Academy Sports + Outdoors. Every man's dream and to be honest, I like it, too because I love the Under Armour clothes and well, all the clothes really. So the guys do their guy thing and I shop for clothes. DUH! My honey bought me new clothes there and i'm not even sure what the guys got ;)
We went to see my in law's for a little while then took our kiddo to spend the night with his Mimi and Pa.

Drago always cries and gives his boy a hug every time he sees him, which is basically every day.

Then I found my 1st 4-leaf clover of the season

We were kid free and not sure what to do with ourselves by 5:30 that afternoon. So we finished our errands; grocery shopping, then went to my aunt's house and spent a couple hours with her. After we were done there we had to stop by our friend's house and get the instructions to take care of their pups for the week. We ended up going out to dinner with them at O'Charley's. It was so nice. It's always great to get together with them.


Sunday was glorious. I slept in until 9! That hasn't happened in forever! It was amazing. After I got up I had coffee with my love and enjoyed the morning. We had a memorial service to go to at 2 but we had to meet at my in-law's house before that so we got dressed and checked in with our kid to see what he wanted to do. He wanted to go with us so we had to go pick him up from my parent's house. We went and picked him up then home to get dressed for the service. It was a lovely service for a man who was close to my fiance's family.

After that we were starving so we went to lunch @ Panda Express. It was soo pretty outside so we sat on the patio and ate. I love patio weather best of all. We cruised back to Academy with the top off the Jeep. We were topless in the Jeep all weekend.

Since we ate lunch so late (4:30) it counted as dinner, too so yay me! I didn't have to cook last night. My honey and I took advantage of that and laid in our hammock for a couple hours.

We ended the night watching The Walking Dead, which I did NOT like :( I won't spoil it in case anyone out there hasn't watched it yet but it was not what I was expecting.

So that was our weekend. It left me feeling so refreshed.
I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend, too.

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