Target Tuesday.

Hi again Lovelies! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. It's raining here in Georgia, no surprise. I feel like we're the new Seattle but it's still a lovely day because I got to go to Target! Any day I got to Target is a great day and best of all, they're putting Spring and Easter decor out which means warmer weather is right around the corner. Days filled with flowers and sunshine and all things bright and happy are within reach now, loves!

If you follow me on Twitter (or happen to be my fiance b/c he's heard about it non-stop) then you'll remember this grey day when I went to Target and the Dollar Spot was empty!

You'll have to excuse the text on it. I follow Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day and this was my photo for the day. Clearly though it was a BIG deal! I just can't find the original picture anywhere on my computer.

I've been nervous to go back to Target and see if they had re-stocked the Dollar Spot because I had this fear that they were either a) about to do away with the Dollar Spot at Target for good (my heart can't take it) OR b) even worse! Shut down the store forever! I realize now that I was being over-dramatic but what would a girl do without Target?!

Have no fear though! The Dollar Spot is very much alive and well (and I wanted to buy EVERYTHING in it today). The notepads, the clipboards, the iPhone accessories, the socks. I want it all!

Never do that to me again Target!

Before I carry on with my Target finds (no I did NOT buy everything in the dollar spot nor did I buy the purple sunnies I've been dying for) allow me to tell you why there was no weekending post yesterday. Because our weekend was pleasantly unexciting. Sometimes It's a nice change. All we did was clean house and grocery shop. We did go out to eat Japanese with my parents. They took all of us out to celebrate our birthdays! How sweet and delicious it was! The chef came to the table and asked whose birthday it was. My Mom said him, talking about my fiance and my Dad kindly said "we're celebrating all 4 of their birthdays talking about my mom, me, my fiance and our son. We're all January and February babies we just didn't get the chance to celebrate as a family.

I had the best sushi ever!

Sadly, that's the only picture I took at dinner. My sweet boy decided to "try" sushi. I say "try" like that because he used to eat it all the time when he was about 3-4 with me and my mom but then he got his own opinion and decided he didn't "like" it anymore. I was so glad he wanted sushi again though and even happier when he actually loved it!

That was the highlight of our weekend and not worthy of a whole post. Sorry to disappoint, I did not take pics of me cleaning house.

Back to Target though. I found some really awesome things, as always.

Here's my loot.

These nail polishes.

I wanted a light lavender but I refuse to pay any more then $5 a bottle. I found the essie color I loved then matched it to one similar and much cheaper.

The Sonia Kashuk ones were on sale for $1.24. I couldn't resist.

The make-up because I just needed it.

And this bucket is a Dollar Spot find. I have a weakness for them. I can't say no to them so I use them everywhere.
One in the kitchen for change.
One in the bathroom for my make-up brushes and eyeliners.
One by my side of the bed for my EOS, hair ties and whatever randomness I need.
One in my son's bathroom for toothpaste/toothbrushes.
One in my car for EOS lip egg, EOS lotion, trash, and water bottle caps.

This one is going into my honey and I's bathroom for our toothpaste/toothbrushes.

If anyone is ever wondering what to buy me, one of these or 40, is a suitable gift :)

And this stuff.
Easter Bunny Bait Crack!
I love a good trail mix but this stuff beats all trail mix.

Do yourself a favor and RUN to Target to buy some then eat 1/2 the bag on your drive home (even if it is only a mile). I may or may not have done just that!

Have you found any great Target finds lately?

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