March Goals

Holy Stars! Is it really March already? Where have the last two months gone? Oh yeah, it was birthday season among our family and friends. We were busy celebrating those we love so it's true what they say about time flying when you're having fun!

To re-cap real quick; We started off the celebrations on January 12th with my soon to be Father in Law's Birthday and ended the month long celebrations ended with my Fiance's on February 24th. Between those two dates were my Mom, our Son, My soon to be Mother In Law, Me, two of our sweet neighbor's & my Grandma's Birthdays. Something like 9 birthdays in a little over a month!

I also asked two of my bridesmaids and our flower girl to be in our wedding, they all said yes. Only one more to talk to! My Fiance asked his best friend to be a Groomsman, too & he said yes so our wedding party is starting to take shape and this wedding is starting to feel real!

I also kicked up this blog and am starting to work on it more. Someone said to me that I could pick up the phone and call people instead of worrying about strangers on the blog. This came because of a post I made that I had created another Facebook page to keep personal life and blog life separate. True, I could but A) I hate talking on the phone and B) I love writing and sharing what inspires me. A lot of the reason I chose to make this blog more public is because of the inspiration I get from reading other blogs and if I can bring that kind of light and inspiration to someone else, why shouldn't I? Plus it's a great way to document all the exciting things happening in my life!

With all that being said you can see why I haven't done a Goals post for the last two months but now that I've got a hot minute to sit down and catch up with my own thoughts I can actually do that!

So here are my goals for March.

1. Ask my last bridesmaid to be in my wedding.

2. Start wedding dress shopping.

3. Maybe I should actually book the wedding planners, just sayin'.

4. Get wedding invites ordered or start making them.

5. Visit Ulta and buy the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Palette.

6. Start selling my jewelry.

7. Wash my face nightly with my skin care products.

8. Mate socks at least once a week (it's the chore I despise the most).

9. Send people more snail mail, just because.

10. Less internet time in the evenings.

11. Start my Wii-Fit work-out again.

12. Lose 5 more pounds.

13. Eat more fruits and veggies.

14. Add social media buttons to my blog!

Those all sound like simple, reasonable goals, right? Now let's see how many of those I can accomplish in a month. 30 days is plenty of time to do all these!

What are some of your March goals?
Anything exciting happening in your life?

Let's do this March!!

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