Live Fully

So the wonderful, beautiful, sweet, inspiring Stephanie May Wilson who blogs over at and Instagrams @smaywilson. If you don't know who she is, you should. You definitely need to check out her sites, you'll swoon and be inspired! She began this amazing and fun challenge on Instagram on Monday called "Live Fully, One Dare At A Time."
Intrigued yet?
Each week she'll dare us to do something fun, silly, loving or brave. Monday's challenge did not disappoint. It was to put on your favorite song and have a jam session into your hairbrush microphone as you got ready in the morning then post a selfie and tag Stephanie in it and use the hashtag #daretolivefully.

Here's mine.

My jams were Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Fireball by Pitbull

It was totally out of my comfort zone but it felt so good to do it. To be silly and not care then to look at the pictures I took and laugh.

Every Monday, after the challenge, i'll post my picture for the day and what the challenge was. Have some fun and play with us, please?!

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