If you follow me on any form of social media then it'll come as no surprise to you that I love Instagram. I'm a total addict. I up-load at least one picture a day, on rare occasions, like today, I up-load six.
I play along with the always fabulous Stephanie May Wilson from on her Monday "Live Life Fully, One Day At A Time" challenge. I also play along with the super sweet Nelle Monaco from on her #simplylovegratitudeproject. Both of these ladies are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. They're so sweet, charismatic, and inspirational. So that alone keeps me posting like it's going out of style.
Insta is like a journal in photo style. I just love it. So here are my most inspiring insta pics from lately. I hope you enjoy.

1. Yesterday while I was at the park there was silly string everywhere. Some may see it as a mess but I took this picture because it made me happy. It serves as a reminder of messiness and creativity and to live life colorfully and carefree. It inspired me to be ME and enjoy the crazy, fun moments of life because everyday is a day to celebrate and be celebrated!

2. My sweet honey is the best in the world. He took the day off work to take me to the Coach outlet for my birthday. He bought me this insanely gorgeous purse.

3. Everyday is a blessing, a miracle, a reason to be grateful & happy to be alive. Today I have many including the love of my life, beautiful flowers, chocolate & gifts but the greatest of these is the ability to love & be loved. #simplylovegratitudeproject . I challenge you to find your happiness in something small today & everyday. Happy Valentine's Day lovelies.

4. Valentine's Day dinner with my loves and my mom. We missed Dad tonight though.

5. Oh Sunday! I have a love/ hate relationship with this day. I love how slow it starts off; snuggled on the couch with WiFi, my favorite blanket, Golden Girls & cup of coffee. I love that this day is usually my day at home to clean & do laundry & prepare for the week ahead. It's a day for snuggling with my honey & enjoying time with out sweet boy. Sometimes it's a day with the whole family. It's always The Walking Dead night which means me & my honey + no electronics for an hour. It's the perfect way to wind down. 🎀I hate this day because it leads to Monday which means my honey goes back to work & my sweet boy, back to school. ❄️Here's hoping for snow tonight.

6. The love of these two completes me, inspires me, & makes me feel alive. When I think of my life there's no one else I'd rather spend it with. They make the sweet times that much sweeter, bring me comfort when I need it & love everyday. They are my greatest adventure. #simplylovegratitudeproject

7. Good Morning Lovelies. It's Monday! It's a new week, let's make the best of it! Let's set goals, day dream & find something positive in everyday. #monday

8. I'm happy for birthdays. Another 356 days trip around the sun. Another year to get it all right. To be the best ME possible. To love harder, laugh louder, & forgive more. To enjoy this life I have been given because I am worthy. It's the year that will forever change who I am. It's the year I dedicate my life to my soul mate, my Mr. Forever, my heart & my soul. It's the year I take his last name. If that's not reason enough to be happy, blessed & grateful then I'm not sure what is. #simplylovegratitudeproject

9. Mani time. First jamberry ever! #jamberry #mani #girlytime

Just a few more that don't fit into a collage.

My completed jamberry mani

These are the delicious homemade pizzas my honey, our sweet boy & I made last night for dinner.
Chicken Spinach Alfredo for my honey & I
Pepperoni & Tomato for our boy

And the challenge by Stephanie May Wilson today.

The wonderful @smaywilson has challenged everyone to do something fun, daring, silly or inspiring every Monday. She calls it "live fully, one dare at a time." She'll come up with the theme, you just have to play along. Fun, right? this week's theme us to take a moment out of your busy life to re-connect with a girlfriend. Call, text, stick a note in the mailbox. Invite a girlfriend out for lunch or over for coffee. Just stop and say hello. Let them know they're loved. ##daretolivefully

Be on the lookout for my InstaLately posts soon for #daretolivefully & #simplylovegratitude project.

They let my honey go home from work early b/c it's starting to rain and rain + 37* weather might = freezing roads. I'd love to stay and chat some more but I have to go do my wifey duties and cook chili for tonight's dinner.

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