Currently {February Edition}

Hi y'all. Welcome back to my Blog Sweet Blog. Apparently weekends are not for blogging in my case but they are good for brainstorming. It's Tuesday and I've got a ton I want to post. We'll see how that goes this week though.

My sweet boy will be out of school Thursday-Monday and tomorrow is a 1/2 day. Thursday is my birthday and my sweet honey is taking me to the Coach outlet! What?! What?!

There may or may not be blogging going on but here's hoping! Saturday while I was catching up on my bloglovin' feed I came across the Currently post by several bloggers and decided that it was definitely a post that needed to be added to mine. So what am I currently doing?

I know, I know inquiring minds want to know.

hearting | My FRIENDS collection that my honey bought me for Christmas. Of course Netflix announced they were putting all of them up right after I got them but who cares? I have the set, always & forever. It's one of my favorite gifts ever and i'm currently watching the last season!

reading | Phil Robertson's newest book UnPHILtered. I'm not very far into it yet but I can tell you that I love everything that man stands for and his views on America make me stand up and cheer him on. I always nod in agreeance.
My finace is reading Chris Kyle's book. I think that one is next on my radar. Every once in a while I need a break from the seriousness though so i'll download a book on my kindle app and read that in between what ever else i'm reading. I just finished an excpert from Tinsley Mortimer's Southern Charm and now i'm ready to read the whole book.

pinning | whatever looks pretty. Seriously, I have no pinning theme. If I like it I put a pin on it {sing that to Beyonce's Put A Ring On It)

eating | Buffalo Chicken Dip. So much yum!!

anticipating | My birthday on Thursday & impending wedding in September. It's time to get busy on the planning!! So far I have one confirmed Bridesmaid.

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