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First off I want to say Happy Monday. I know we all dread the awful Monday, I'm not exception to this but I'm trying to change my attitude towards this day of the week. Instead i'm trying to see it as a fresh slate. It's like the New Year but every week! YAY, right?

That's not working? Maybe my Instagram post from this morning will.

Good Morning Lovelies. It's Monday! It's a new week, let's make the best of it! Let's set goals, day dream & find something positive in everyday. #monday

Still nothing? Maybe my weekend review will help. Maybe it will at least put a smile on your face :)

My Birthday was Thursday. 30 something. Just kidding, i'm not ashamed to tell you that I'm now 33. Saying it doesn't sound true but it is. I feel like I'm still 18 at heart. Minus the going out to clubs every weekend, 11 pm ice cream runs in pj's to the store with girlfriends, the sleepovers, and staying up until the sun came up. Those days are far behind me and I wouldn't trade my nights snuggled in at home with my honey and our sweet boy for anything in the world. Sweat pants, hair in pony tails, no make-up, no jewelry and going to bed by 11 p.m. is the life for me! Now I sounds older than I am but anyway, back to the point.

My honey took Thursday off work to spend the day with me at the outlets I went to back before Christmas with my Mom. Specifically the Coach outlet. Now, I thought I was a Dooney girl. I have one that I absolutely LOVE! It's so pretty and so me. White leather with different bright colored Dooney & Bourke letters all over it. I carried it religiously for a year and a 1/2 and still pull it out every now and then to use. When it's not in use it is in an air tight container on top of my closet. I thought you had to be a Dooney girl or a Coach Girl. I was a Dooney girl until I went to the Coach outlet with my mom back in December. That's when I fell in love with this Coach bag and forever became both a Dooney girl & a Coach girl. I could have bought the bag then because it was only $100 but I was good and spent that money on my honey and our sweet boy for Christmas instead (even though, at this point I was basically done shopping for them). As soon as I got home I told my honey about this bag. He said we'd go back out there for my birthday. For two months I prayed that this bag would still be there when we went & as luck would have it, it was! I was super bummed when it was marked back up to $365 BUT the kind lady at the door gave us a coupon for 50% off then another 40% off so SCORE! We got it for $105!!

Here the beauty is!

My sweet man also bought me two pair of pants from Under Armour but when we got home I tried them on and one pair didn't fit, the other was so see through it was ridiculous! The outlet is over an hour away so I was devastated but he assured me we'd go back on Saturday.

Friday my honey went to work and my sweet boy and I hung out at my parent's house b/c they had to work and all the dogs would be home, with no way to get outside and potty. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day & I knew that it would be the last one for a while so we spent a lot of time outside. Little Drago wound up getting to come home with me for a little while because my Mom was going to be late getting home from work.

The only way to get a picture with all 3 of them is with treats.

Saturday morning my honey, our boy and I got up early, exchanged Valentine's gifts and hit the road to the outlet. It was freezing so our only stops were Under Armour to trade out my clothes and Game Stop for our boy. Luckily these two stores are right across from each other. I would up with two pairs of UA sweatpants and two shirts! Woo Woo!! We had plans to come home and make home made pizzas for Valentine's dinner but my dad had to work so my mom invited us over for steaks. We couldn't say no to that + we didn't want mom to spend Valentine's Day alone. At this point I hadn't had a birthday cake, not that i'm complaining but I kinda am because what's a birthday without a cake? On the way to my parent's my honey took me to Publix and bought me a Chocolate Ganache cake that was to die for.

We took that cake to dinner to share. It kinda turned into a birthday celebration. My mom gave me the rest of my birthday and our Valentine's gifts, we put candles on the cake, and sang Happy Birthday.

Yesterday was a much needed run to the grocery store to stock up on food just in case we get snowed/iced in in the next couple days. $200 later I think we're good. The rest of the day my honey prepared the outside of our house for this freezing weather by covering our patio furniture, grill, fire pit, & my car Lucy. (Yeah, winter is just starting for Georgia).

She's a rag top convertible and doesn't fit in our garage so she needed to be covered before the impending snow/freezing rain hits.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning house, washing clothes and ironing my honey's work clothes for the week. We did make those delicious home made pizzas last night though.

Pepperoni for our boy and chicken, spinach, alfredo for us.

Now we sit and wait on snow. I'm just hoping that it starts AFTER my honey, my mom and dad all get home from work today. Last year my fiance sat for 21 hours in his truck on I-285 on his way home from work. We don't want that again this year.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy Monday!

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