Happy Birthday, Grandma.

From January through February is what my Fiance and I call Birthday Season in our families and close friends. It starts with his Dad on January 12th and continues through February 24th, which is my Fiance's birthday. Between those dates we have ten birthdays to celebrate those whom are very closest to. Both of my future in laws, my mom, our son, mine, my fiance's, two of our neighbors and my Grandma.

Today happens to be my Grandma's. She's such a strong woman but gentle, too. She's the kind of Grandma who never missed a baseball game, soccer game, gymnatics performance, awards ceremony, or anything that my brothers and I were involved in when we were growing up. She's continued the tradition with my son, and for that, I can not be more appreciative. When my son was born, her mother, my great-grandmother, was still with us. We were blessed with Five generations for a few years and that was something I adored. My great- grandmother has since passed but we're still beyond blessed to have four amazing generations to grace our family.
I only hope that I age as gracefully as my Grandmother and if I'm half the woman she is then i'll be doing pretty great in this life. Happy Birthday, Grandma.

With all our love.

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