The Bachelor

I'm going to confess a little secret. I've been saying I don't like The Bachelor. It's pathetic that so many women are throwing themselves at this man, acting like jealous hormone enraged teenagers. I almost feel embarrassed for some of these girls because I'm not sure that they realize how they're acting. Truth is i'm secretly addicted to The Bachelor this season. He's a hottie (not nearly as much of a hottie as my man though) + he's a country/farm boy (yee haw!! Seriously, I don't do yuppie.) I just can't let my fiance know that i'm addicted because he'll roll his eyes at me. If you're reading this Hi Baby! Now you know what I watch while you're at work ツ

I'm watching it On Demand on the days I have time to sit down and watch t.v. so i'm only 1/2 way in. I know i've got to catch up soon b/c he's going to pick a girl soon! Eeek!! Anyway, here's my break down of what i think about the girls at this point.

Ashley S.-She's definitely entertaining but so far out there that she's not coming back anytime soon. I mean the whole pomegranate/onion thing on the first episode pretty much made my mind up about her + the zombie/deer in headlights look the girl always has is frightening. I'm convinced she's only keeping her around for comic relief.

Ashley I.Kanye called, he wants his wife back. Oh, yeah you aren't Kim Kardashian, you just think you are. Weird. Just be yourself and stop crying like a 14 year old girl because he hasn't spent enough time with you. I've never cried as much as you have and i've had real relationships. Do you really think that if you're a virgin and never had a boyfriend this is the time to try to commit yourself? Maybe not. I think she's an attention w---e. Now I get it, that's where she's like Kim K. Will someone slap her while she sits in her fancy dress, pouting, eating corn on the cob, drinking wine because she's not at the Cinderella date with Chris?

Jillian-She's cute but that potty mouth on the romantic one on one date is not! She's awkward and while I feel bad for her I think she's gotta go.

JadeShe seems cute and really down to earth. She has her own natural make-up line. I think she and Chris could mesh well. A Farmer + A Natural Cosmetics Developer. They both have a love of the earth. It could work.

Whitney Cute, bubbly, a ton of fun + she likes to crash weddings? I do, however, think that she was a little pushy on that one on one where they crashed the wedding and she was acting like they were already engaged. He went along with it though. She's my #2 choice for him.

Kaitlyn She's my choice for his future wifey. She's not afraid of anything, she seems well rounded, and a ton of fun. She's a natural beauty, which would be important for farm living. I love that she laughs a lot and doesn't take anything too seriously.

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