Oh, Hey February!

Welcome February; the season of love and even more birthday celebrations. Excitement is all around because I love this time of year!

I used to say I didn't like Valentine's Day, back in my days of dating the wrong guys. The ones who took me to Burger king and Wal-Mart for dates. Yeah, that USED to happen but it's all in the past. I've finally found my prince, my happily ever after! It took me long enough but it was worth the wait. He treats me like a princess every. single. day. so we really don't need one day a year to celebrate our love but we do because I love any holiday that involves pink, glitter, hearts and everything girlie and he loves me so we celebrate.

We're parents though and there's nothing nor no one more important than our son, so, instead of getting a babysitter and going out to a restaurant that is over priced and over packed this night (2 hours waits? No thanks! $50 meals that usually cost $20. Definitely, No thanks!) we stay home and do something as a family. We usually cook dinner and maybe watch a movie and we buy each other a small gift. It's not really about the gifts, seriously, because when i'm out with my fiance on the weekends and I see something I want, he buys it for me. I'm seriously not spoiled, just well loved!

I even have the t-shirt to prove it. #LOVED

The same goes for our son, if he sees something he wants he usually gets it right then. There are times I have to remind my fiance that holidays are coming so he won't buy everything for us at once. Such a problem? Right?! Anyway, back to the point. Last night my fiance asked me what we were going to do for Valentine's Day this year. Stay home and do something simple is always my response because it's about the time we spend together.

Also on the radar this month is the continuation of birthday celebrations of those we love. We start the month off with a bang. The first is my future mother in law's birthday. She never wants a big party and never asks for anything. She does collect frogs though. I think my fiance said she had around 6,000 different frog figures and decorations, so we always buy her a couple more to add to her collection and she just beams every time she opens one. At this point I know she expects them from us but she loves every single one and my fiance, that guy is not only fiance of the lifetime but the son of a lifetime, to because he remembers every frog figure and decoration she has. He's awesome like that and that is why I leave the frog pickin' to him! LOL. I let him chose what frog figure to buy for her. This year I wanted to give her a little more than a couple frogs, too. I'm a huge believer in Bath & Body Works Stress Relief line of products. If you have problems breathing because of sinus or allergy problems then you need to this stuff in your life. (I have my fiance and son using the body wash, too). She has horrible asthma and breathing problems so I suggested we get her some of the products, my honey agreed so we bought her the body wash & scrub. She told him yesterday (2 days after we gave it to her) that she used it the night before, she took a bath before bed and felt so good AND she slept the best she's slept in a while. Next up for her is the pillow spray! It's Heaven. I've made another believer of this stuff!

The next birthday will be mine. It's on the 12th. My fiance took the day off work and planned on taking me back to the outlets that my mom and I went to @ Christmas because there is a Coach Store and in that store is a Coach bag that I fell in love with. It's a $400 bag for $100. now, it has been two months since I've been there so i'm hoping and praying that this bag is still there. Maybe the Coach Gods are looking out for me since I was good and didn't buy the bag then, instead I spent that $100 on my guys for Christmas. At that point I was pretty much done shopping for both of them and it took everything I had to walk away from that bag. I honestly about cried doing so, but I did it! So my fingers and toes and everything else are crossed that it's there when we go back. If not, my hopes aren't up anyway. NOT! But that's what i'm going to keep telling myself. Oh, did I mention that there is a B&BW outlet there, too AND a Kay Jewelers. We're frequent Kay Jewelers shoppers at our local Kay's so the outlet will have to have something REALLY great for a REALLY great deal in order for to catch my attention. Otherwise, i'm happy with our Kay's because they treat me like a princess when I walk in there, as they should with all the purchases my fiance made there. Hello engagement ring and wedding bands!!

On top of going to the outlets, I found out my son has another break from school beginning on the 12th. It's like the Birthday Gods smiled down on me and said "she needs a break from getting up early and trying to get the kiddo to school on time. Let's give her the day off." Thank you Birthday Gods, Thank You!!

The next birthdays after mine are my grandma's and our neighbor/friend, Keli. They both have February 21st birthdays. I'm not sure what the plans are for either of those. We usually buy Keli a little somethin somethin though. For my Grandma, it'll probably be dinner with the whole family at my Mom and Dad's and that's always a ton of fun!

Ending the birthday celebrations for this month is always my fiance. His is the 24th. That makes me 12 days older, in case you were wondering. He's already got this day planned off work, too. Last year, on his birthday was the first time we'd ever been to the movies together. Thirteen years of friendship and a year of dating + an engagement is all it took. LOL. 3 Days to Kill was the movie of choice and it was my choice and I didn't regret it. He's doing a weight loss challenge at work (we're both trying to watch calories and lose weight) so he said he doesn't even want a cake for his birthday. What? How is that normal? All I know is that i'll still make a cake (and then give most of it away...LOL).

So that's the month of February in a nut shell for us! How about you? Do you have any birthdays this month? What are your Valentine's plans?
P.S.-i'm not dissing you if you're one of the ones who go all out for this day. In fact, I dream of a time when the Mr. and I can do this, too.

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