Finding the positive

Hi y'all! Happy Wednesday. We're almost there, almost to Friday! For some odd reason I woke up in a horrible mood this morning. Maybe I had a bad dream. Sometimes I really dislike the way dreams seem to affect me through out the whole day especially when I can't even remember what I dreamed. Anyway, instead of staying ill all day over nothing, or at least something I'm not even sure of, I decided to turn the day around and be happy. After all, I totally believe people are as happy as they make up their minds to be.

So what am I happy for today?

♡ The sun is shining bright (and I thought it was going to rain today)
♡ I woke up this morning (proof that God has a purpose for me)
♡ The birds are chirping
♡ Morning coffee while sitting on the couch with my sweet boy before school
♡ Being able to open our windows and let the fresh air come in
♡ Laundry-because it means I have family
♡ My son
♡ My fiance
♡ Listening to my music with the windows down in the car
♡ My parents
♡ All of my family
♡ And friends
♡ And pets
♡ The ability to make jewelry
♡ And blog
♡ And take care of my loved ones
♡ Dancing like no one's watching
♡ But living like they are
♡ Spending time with God before I grab my phone in the morning

I'm sure I could keep going because there is always something to be happy for. My challenge for you today is to think of the things you are happy for and smile.

Have a Happy Wednesday Lovelies!!

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