What's Up Wednesday.

Hi y'all! What day is it? Hummpp day. Yeah, that's a little old by now but we've made it half way through the week! Let's cheers to that!
I'm sure you're all wondering what's going on in my corner of the world. Maybe not.

Here's What's Up Wednesday.

1. What I loved about the past week: Sunshine. Glorious sunshine. I know here in Georgia our winter wasn't really all that bad but I have missed the sun and 70 degrees. Luckily we've gotten that back, mixed with rain, of course. We are in Georgia.
I love that we've been able to pull out our hammock when we have down time and lay outside, relax, and truly enjoy each other's company. I also love that we've had a few days where we've been able to take the top off the Jeep and my car and cruise around town. Oh, and being able to have the windows open in the house and air it out has been amazing. I'm so much happier with sunshine kissing my skin, bare feet, and the wind blowing through my hair.

2. What I am looking forward to: Spring Break. We may be going to the beach for a couple days to check out houses to rent for our wedding but even if not I'm looking forward to NOT having to wake my son up every morning and rush out the door. Who doesn't love sleeping in and taking your time going about your day?

3. What I am nervous about: getting everything ready for my up-coming wedding. I know it'll all fall into place and at the end of the day what matters is that i'll be vowing the rest of my life to my very best friend and my Dad will be giving me away. I'm trying not to be all stressy and let go of what doesn't really matter. Honestly i'm enjoying this moment in life.

4. What I have been daydreaming about: The beach, my up-coming wedding, continuing my weight loss and healthier life style, selling our house and moving,my jewelry sales taking off into something I never saw coming, opening my dream bakery.

5. What I ate for dinner last night: My honey's specialty chicken. Seriously, it's that good. He grills chicken then half way through he coats it with apricot preserves. {I know, the first time he made it for me I thought umm, eww but it's sooo good. It's a staple in our weeknight meals now.} I made a home made hash brown casserole that was out of this world delicious and we made grilled squash packets with orange vanilla balsamic. It was seriously an easy but delicious dinner.

6. What I am craving: That hash brown casserole from last night but we killed it. I'm glad it was that big of a hit though.

7. What else is new: My son got his report card. All A's except for math {we know about this. We aren't mad.} And I made my first official jewelry sale today!!

And then there's this in all it's weirdness glory {because for some reason THIS is what's stuck in my head.}

I mean, if only we all could look as fab when we're being weird. Don't act like you're never weird.

That's What's Up Wednesday! What's up with you today?
Feel free to copy and play along. I'd love to know what you're up to today.

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