Hi y'all. I hope you're having a Happy Monday. Mine is going pretty good. I've managed to wash, dry, and fold 3 loads of laundry and go to Khol's to find my engagement pics dress.

I couldn't decide so I posted this pic on Instagram and Facebook asking what y'all thought.

I wound up getting the Robin's Egg Blue (it's the color of our wedding ;)

Then I came home and found this while I was getting out of the car.

It's my 3rd one in three weeks.
Last spring and summer I found 23, I think. I just walk outside, look down and find them. I don't do anything special or even look hard. In fact, if I look hard I know i'll never find one.

It's quiet funny to see what my family and friends post on these photos because they can't believe how many I find. I think they might get a little tired of it, too. LOL. The first one I found this spring my aunt wrote "oh beer, here we go again." She meant dear but beer was much funnier!

So here we are on this lovely Monday but what about the weekend?

What did I do? Well,

FRIDAY We stopped by my mom and dad's house after school. My Mom was about to go to the pet store so my buddy and I went with her. Of course we took Drago. I wish I had taken pictures of the silly pup @ the pet store. The wall from floor to ceiling is nothing but toys. We were playing with them to see what got his attention. Apparently he was overwhelmed because he sat there looking up at us and all the toys and cried.
Then we went to the bakery next door, Eva's. If you're ever near the mall in Douglasville, Ga then stop by Eva's and have a jerk chicken and pineapple panini. You won't regret it. Since dogs aren't allowed inside my buddy stayed outside while my mom and I went in and ordered then we left our buddy go in and get something. At one point when mom and I were inside I looked outside to see this.

Dylan was holding Drago up to the window, waving at everyone inside.
Of course everyone was oohhing and aahhing.
I mean, look at those two. Why wouldn't they?

After we left there we went home to see my honey who was home from work. It was already late (7:30) by then. Late enough I didn't want to cook + our kid had already had most of a panini and some noodles from the chinese restaurant, he wasn't hungry so my honey and I orded Chinese delivery and called it an early night.

Saturday was another lazy morning. Sleeping in until 8, drinking coffee in our pajamas, my honey worked on his gaming project, I made some bracelets then we took showers and went to my honey's mom and dad's house. His sister was there so there were tons of laughs and selfies.

When we left there we met my mom at our house and she took our buddy home to spend the night with them. My honey and I had date night at Buffalos in Hiram and it was delicious. Well end Saturday there.

Sunday we slept in until 9 which is un-heard of these days then we had some grocery shopping to do. Did our shopping then went to my mom and dad's for a little while. It was a gorgeous sunny day so they had the doors open and the dogs were running in and out. Dylan, my dad, and Alex were shooting Dylan's bow and arrow and we made plans for the wedding. We booked a beach house that will also be the location of the reception!!! We also booked the wedding planners, confirmed our date and picked out our package! Woo Hoo!! Now things are moving forward and i'm so excited. It's starting to feel real now!! EEkk!!!

Here are a few snapshots from Sunday!

I hope y'all all had as awesome of a weekend as we did.

Now let's show this week who's boss!!

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