That time I was featured...

Ladies and maybe one gentleman (my sweet fiance) I have some super exciting news to share with y'all. Today I'm being featured on Stephanie May Wilson's blog!! Eeekkk!! I'm beyond excited like dancing around the house, squealing like the true girl I am excited. It's only the dogs & cat here with me now, they just think i'm crazy!

My post is My Loveliest Things but before I share that with you let me tell you a little about Stephanie. I found her one day while browsing Instagram. It seemed like everyone was reading and sharing pics of this book called The Lipstick Gospel I was intrigued to I followed the link and found this wonderful Instagram profile, full of positivity and happiness. I got on my lap top as soon as I could and went to her web site, subscribed to her newsletter and downloaded The Lipstick Gospel. For the next month I was hooked on reading this book during my hour wait in the car riders line to pick my son up from school. It was one of those books that made me say "Oh, yes, Me too" so many times while reading it and I was kinda of sad when I was done reading it.
Since reading that book I've been a huge fan because of her honesty and inspiration. One day on facebook she was asking for submissions to do a Loveliest Things post. I immediately jumped on board and sent in my submission. It was easy to sit down and write my loveliest things, it all just came from my heart. I hope you all enjoy it and find inspiration from it and definitely check Stephanie out, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you all, you can check it out here!

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