Easter Sunday.

Good Morning y'all. It's Monday and that means Spring Break for us! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday yesterday.

Usually Mondays are weekend re-cap posts but this weekend was pretty much the same as every other weekend and I'm sure you're tired of hearing about our nights of take out, sleeping and grocery shopping so today we're going to talk about Easter.

Ours was small and relaxed. It was just my party of 3, my Mom and Dad and my Grandma.
Mom and Dad cooked a delicious ham lunch/dinner and desserts. They always go above and beyond.

Holidays are my favorites. I love the food, the family and the fun. There are always guaranteed to be adventures and laughs and lots of memories made.

This year was different though because my buddy is 12 and dying Easter eggs and doing Easter egg hunts are no longer on his list of interests so this year he wanted to go on a hike in the woods to the river. It sounded like a great idea to everyone else so after our late lunch we laced up our tennis shoes while our buddy gathered his survival bag and into the woods we went. I have to say i'm really proud of my Grandma. She kept up. (It's a long hike. At the river it's downhill and rocky, too!)

We found bullet shells where someone has been out shooting. I made everyone collect them because I can clean them up and make jewelry out of them to sell.

During the hike my son came up to me with a purple violet that he had picked for me. It meant a lot. It's been a while since he did that for me. He's 12, remember? He had also picked one for my mom and grandma.

Some more snaps of our hike.

Me and my Sweet Grandma

My Mom picked up a zip tie and put it on her wrist then couldn't get it off. Honey to the rescue!

I tried to take a selfie with my son but he said "no technology in the woods, Mom." "Maybe later."
So this is the best I got.

My Survivalist Guys

My Handsome Honey

Drago and Bella loved swimming in the river. Minnie just dipped her toes.
Drago also went to town digging in the mud. He was so funny. He had the time of his life.

And our family snaps

After all that excitement we went back to Mom and Dad's house and sat on the front porch to relax for a while. Our sweet cat, Chance came out of hiding and Alex and I got to love on our other son. Our fur son. He stays in hiding since Drago came along. Then we came home and played some Mario Party with our buddy while we laughed lots and ate Nerds. It was a nice day. It was great to enjoy a relaxing day and celebrate Jesus.

Before I leave I'm going to share yesterday's Instagram and Facebook post one more time because I believe it's something we all need to hear, we all need to think about and remember. In a time when it seems easier to find the dirt in people and to hold grudges it's important we find the gold and forgive people for the past. It's not our place to judge anyone, it's Jesus' so let's love each other and forgive.

"Anyone can find the dirt in someone, be the person who finds the gold." Proverbs 11:27. Happy Easter everyone. As we go through this day filled with Easter Eggs, Brunches, family and love let's remember what this day is truly about. Remember that whatever is heavy on your heart and soul, whatever is messy and broken He can fix. Just pray and find the gold in people. Be that kind of loved one and friend. None of us are perfect but we're all wonderful in our own way. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter with those you love. Take a minute to look around and see who is with you today, love them a little more and squeeze them a little tighter and find the gold in them.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and try to find the gold. Be the gold.

The End

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