This one goes to the dogs...

Hi y'all! We're Bella, Minnie Mouse, and Drago. We heard our Sissy is doing a meet the canines link up so we jumped at the chance to take over. We call her our Sissy because our situation is different than most. We're one big blended family. We'll explain that in a minute. First you have to see our adorableness!

Okay, okay. That's not our best side. We don't like to cooperate for pictures together unless our Sissy begs us with treats.

Then we're all smiles.

So we call Leslie our Sissy because, like we said, we're one big blended family. To two of us she's our human sister, the other she's our Mom or Grandma. Sissy got engaged and she and our boy, Dylan moved out but don't worry! We live with Mimi and Pa (or Mom and Dad) in house with a nice big yard we get to run free in. At Sissy, Alex and Dylan's house we have to be on leashes when we visit. We don't like that and they don't like it for us so we live here and get to have spend the night parties at their house. They spoil us. We have our own blankets, toys, and cookie jar at their house. Sissy drives a convertible, too so sometimes we get to ride with the top down! We love that! Some days she takes us to pick our boy up from school, too! We really have the best of both worlds. We have two homes full of lots of love.

I, Bella, belong to Dylan-Leslie's Son.

Nicknames: Bella Girl, Smella Bella, Beautiful, Bells
Jessica Simpson because i'm pretty but not always smart.

Santa brought me to him about 8 years ago. I got my name because Mimi named me Bella then Pa said Holly for the middle name since it was Christmas time, like the song "Deck the halls with Bella Holly."
My boy was only 4 so he couldn't take care of me all by himself, so Leslie is technically my Mom, too but Dylan says she's my Grandma. We don't argue.

I'm a full blooded Golden Retriever. Everyone always says how pretty I am until I roll on something dead and stinky. I like doing that a lot. I really like spa day. I love having my hair dried and pretty smelling perfume sprayed on me. I also like bows and clothes and costumes. I love attention. I make everyone pet me and if they stop then I put my head under their hand and make them start again. I talk, a lot and always bring gifts to anyone who comes over. Those gifts range from dead creatures, sticks, pine cones & stuffed animals. It really depends on what I can pick up first, after all, a Southern Lady never shows up without a gift, right? I love socks and dish rags best of all.

My Grandma Linda says I have the most soulful eyes. I'm not sure what that means but I think it means I get my way most of the time. I'm the Diva of the group but after having 20 kids I think I deserve that! A few years ago I slipped out and found a Rottweiler boyfriend in the neighborhood and had babies. I didn't learn from the first time and slipped out and had more babies before my Mimi had me fixed. It's kinda good that I did that though because if I didn't we wouldn't have Minnie Mouse.

Hi, I'm Minnie Mouse.

Nicknames: Mouse, Mousey Girl, Minnie, Crazy Horse

I belong to Mom and Dad, or my boy calls them, Mimi and Pa.
I am Bella's girl. I was the runt of the last litter of puppies, that's how I got my name. Mom said I was so tiny that they used to cut the ends out of socks and make me sweaters to wear b/c I was always cold. Dad would come in from work and pick me up and snuggle me while watching t.v. even though he said I couldn't stay at first.

I'm part Golden Retriever and Rottweiler. I'm scared of strangers but I love my family. I talk even more than my mom but everyone thinks it's soo funny! I love stuffed animals, especially my unicorn. I also love to chase the squirrels. I think it's great in the summer time when Dad fills up all the bird and squirrel feeders because they're everywhere! I'll stand at the door with Dad and watch the squirrels then he says "Ready, Minnie? Go get 'em" then he opens the door and I run like a crazy horse at the squirrels. I've never caught one but I just know one day I will!

I love spending the night with my Sissy, Alex, and Dylan so much that sometimes, when they're getting ready to leave Mom and Dad's I sit by the back door and wait, when they open it I run to the car and won't stop until I get to go. I don't like taking baths so I don't get dirty. I don't like dressing up either but sometimes I do just to amuse the humans. They're silly like that. I'm easy going except when Mom and Dad brought the puppy home. Sissy was so worried about me because I wouldn't eat or anything that she made me stay with her for a couple days. Now that little guy is one of my best friends.

Hi-A Guys! I'm Drago.

Nicknames: Dray, Drake

I think I was named after someone on The Game of Thrones, I don't even know what that is but it sounds scary and i'm scary!! I'm the newest family member. I just got to move in back in January. After Mom's buddy Duke passed away she wanted another dog so bad she started looking on line. She found me on Facebook and the rest is history. Dad couldn't say no to this face. When I first came home it was scary because Bella and Minnie didn't want to be friends but all my humans loved me and helped us all get along. Now they're my best friends. We get in all kinds of trouble together! Minnie and I love to wrestle around the house. She's a great big sister! Everyday when Sissy and Dylan come to see me I cry like I haven't seen them in a month. I love to give my boy hugs when I see him, too.

I sleep with Mom and Dad, they said something about crate training. They even set up this giant cage in the kitchen but I won that! I love going in the car and Sissy says i'm a great car rider. We get to go pick our boy up from school some days, that's my favorite! I'm full of mischief and have recently discovered the swimming pool, even though there is a cover on it right now I still get in and walk around. I keep hearing that the cover comes off! I can't wait!

I also love to help with housework! I attack the Swiffer and follow the vacuum around. Cleaning is fun! Oh and I love to eat flowers. Sissy picks them sometimes and I eat them. Everyone thinks it's funny when I tilt my head back and forth when i'm listening, too. My favorite thing to do is harrass Sissy's cat, Chance. I just don't understand why he won't be my friend and why he makes this spitting sound at me and shows me his sharp claws. He has really good food though and his toys are super fun. They're better than mine. Okay, well maybe not as good as the zombie football in the front yard or the bones mom gets us but they're good. They have feathers!! Who doesn't love feathers? I know Minnie and I do!

Hi y'all. It's Bella again. Before we sign off I want to show you a picture of my best buddy Duke. He passed away in October because he had Cancer. We miss him a lot but we know he's in Heaven now with Papa.

Thank you all for stopping by and seeing us. We really like it when we get love so leave us lots of love please!
We've heard Chance gets to take over soon. You'll get to see our other fur-brother, too!

Lots of Love,
Bella, Minnie, & Drago

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  1. I used to have a convertible and an Australian Shepherd. He had his own harness attached to the seatbelt because he jumped out of the car (while it was going!) to chase a squirrel.

    20 babies?! Whoa, Bella. I bet that was some work! I love that Minnie Mouse is one of those pups. Goldens and Rottweilers make pretty babies :) Drago's ears are the best! And, the thought of him "helping" with the housework is too funny.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Luckily none of ours try to jump out of the convertible while it's moving, I still harness Drago in though, I don't trust him not to!

      Yeah, Bella Girl had 20 babies. 9 one time, 11 the other and they were a ton of work but so fun minus all the poop! We wondered what Goldens and Rotts would look like but they are pretty. They all look different though. The one that my Aunt and Uncle took looks like a Golden only he's black.

      Drago's ears crack us up. They were even funnier when they were just standing up because sometimes one would flop over and the other would stand up. And yeah, he helps! He attaches himself to the swiffer or mop. It's kind of funny.

      Thanks for the opportunity to link up! It was a ton of fun! I can't wait for the felines, too!

  2. aww, all dogs are so adorable. i think i might be a bit in love. ;) it was so much fun to read your post! found you on Erin's blog!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you found my post, too. Thanks for leaving some love.


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